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iOS Dominating in Enterprise Mobile Apps, Apparently iPads Not Just for ‘Play’

Mobile Device Activations Q3

The latest report from Good Technology on mobility in the enterprise shows that iOS is clearly the dominant platform – in terms of device activations and even more so in terms of mobile apps usage and development. Good’s client base includes major government agencies and 50 of the Fortune 100.

As you can see in the chart above, iOS device activations were above 70% in Q3 – while Android dipped a little to under 30% and Windows Phone moved *up* to 1%. Here are some other eye catching numbers and findings in the report – all of which pretty much destroy the whole premise of all those Microsoft Surface TV ads that mock the iPad and claim it’s not really capable of being used for work:

Despite a slight decline in total number of device activations, tablets are more popular for mobile app usage with 81 percent of apps activated this quarter on this form factor. … Document editing comes out on top as the largest single commercial app category securing 56 percent of the activations. …File access and syncing are a strong second with almost 20 percent of all activations.

Those sure sound like ‘work’ categories to me.

Apple’s lead is even more dramatic in terms of the number of custom apps created on Good’s platform. Of the more than 1,000 apps developed internally by Good’s clients, 95% were iOS apps in Q3 …

I’m going to go ahead and guess that when Fortune 100 companies invest in custom app development, it’s not for games and entertainment and ‘Play’ apps.

So yeah, those Surface TV ads – millions of dollars running those to make a point that’s just so obviously wrong. Nice work Microsoft.

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Latest Enterprise Mobile Device Activations Report: Who Cares about a Powerpoint App?

Device Activations by Platform

The latest report on enterprise activations of mobile devices from Good Technology has very good news for Apple, the iPad and iPhone, and Android. And some very grim news for Microsoft and their Windows Phone and Surface tablet lines. See the teeny, tiny sliver of red in the chart above? That’s the Windows Phone share of device activations in the report. The Surface tablet line doesn’t even manage a sliver of the chart for tablet activations.

Here’s a little background on the Good Technology Mobility Index Report for Q1 of 2013:

With a diverse global customer base that includes FORTUNE 100™ leaders in commercial banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, government, and aerospace and defense, Good is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the adoption of new mobile platforms and devices. Good Technology analyzed the mobile devices activated by its customers over the first quarter of 2013 to highlight trends in mobility and device preference.

Some of the report’s numbers that jump off the page include:

iPad Dominating: The latest generation of iPad devices (iPad 3 and beyond) now lead as the most widely used tablets among Good customers, and Apple continues to hold a strong grasp on the tablet market with 88.4% of total activations.

Android Gaining Momentum: Activations from Android tablets almost doubled during Q1 2013, while Android smartphone activations remained consistent compared to Q4 2012.

The Only Way Is Up?: Windows Phone has the largest opportunity for growth, with less than 1% of total activations, as it continues to be dwarfed in comparison to the global market leaders.

When I see these sort of numbers I can’t help but think about those cocky Microsoft TV ads touting Windows 8 tablets and trashing the iPad. The ones that highlight how terrible it is that there’s no Powerpoint app on the iPad – something that would seem like a big deal to, say, enterprise users maybe. Well, the Powerpoint-less iPad is going like gangbusters in the enterprise, Android tablets with no Powerpoint app are showing some momentum too. Windows 8 tablets with Powerpoint – not even a 1% sliver on the chart.

Maybe it’s time to talk about an Excel app in the ads.

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‘Just for Consumption’ iPad: 93% of Enterprise Tablet Activations Last Quarter

Enterprise Tablet Activations Q4 2012

Oh dear. Looks like just about everyone in the enterprise arena missed the memo about the iPad being just a ‘consumption device’, no good for doing real work like those Surface tablets with the clicky keyboards that make everyone in the board room dance.

Because according to the latest report from Good Technology, over 93% of enterprise tablet activations in Q4 of 2012 were iPads. Android tablets gained momentum during the course of 2012 – and still account for less than 7% of activations. Oh, and those proper, business focused, real work doing tablets from Microsoft – not even a smudge on the chart, they don’t even warrant a number.

Good Technology is a blue-chip services provider in the enterprise mobility space:

As the leader in enterprise mobility, Good Technology™ provides mobile device, app, and data security to some of the world’s largest banks, healthcare organizations, governments, and retailers.  With over 4000 customers across every major industry, including half the Fortune 100™, Good® has a clear view into global mobility trends and the adoption of new mobile platforms and devices.

The report also reveals the top two sectors for mobile device activations: financial services and business and professional services.

The iPad is clearly dominating in the enterprise and making a huge impact in the education arena as well. Wouldn’t it be great if one of these days we stopped hearing the stupid talk from Microsoft and many folks in the mainstream media who insist on labeling the iPad as not for real work?

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CDW Survey: More Proof of iPad’s Enterprise Momentum

iPad Business Apps

CDW are one of the US’ leading providers of technology and infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. So when they share their latest survey data on tablets – and iPad – adoption in the enterprise with me, I’m interested right away.

And their latest data offers further evidence of the iPad’s growing momentum in the enterprise arena. Here’s some of their findings from the latest CDW IT Monitor:

Nearly six in 10 IT decision-makers reported tablet computer use in their organization, with 61% of those choosing Apple’s iOS over other mobile operating systems.

85% of IT decision-makers see implementing tablets as an opportunity to increase productivity.

Of those who have not incorporated tablets, 31% are planning to employ them within their organization in the next six months. If this figure holds, it would mean tablet use in more than 70% of businesses by October.

The only surprise in those numbers is the 61% figure for the iPad in terms of tablets in use. Although that’s clearly the majority, it still seems a low number, given the near non-existent competition there’s been for the iPad so far.

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Survey Says IT and Business Pros Using iPad More for Work, Shows How Versatile iPad Is


IDG recently did a global survey titled iPad for Business Survey 2012 – looking at usage of the iPad by IT and business decision-makers. The survey has some interesting findings and a lot of good news for Apple in terms of the range of ways the iPad is being put to use by business users, and the way it is replacing a laptop for a significant number of these users.

Here are some of the most notable findings:

— Over 90% of respondents use their iPad at work:

Fully 51% of IT decision-makers say they “always” use their iPad at work (and a further 40% say they sometimes use it at work). Out-of-home usage is even more intense, with 79% of IT decision-makers saying that they “always” use their iPads “on the move”.

— More than 10% of these IT and business decision-makers say their iPad has “completely replaced’ a laptop. A further 54% say the iPad has party replaced their laptop.

— As the image at the top of this post shows, these professionals are using their iPad more for work communication and other work-related activities than for personal communication and leisure activities.

The picture that emerges from this survey involves IT and business professionals using their iPads as dual-purpose work/leisure devices, with a relatively strong emphasis on work functionality, and an extremely heavy emphasis on on the move usage.

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Griffin Launches MultiDock – Charge & Sync Station for up to 10 iPads


Griffin’s latest iPad accessory is their first offering in what they call the Business Solutions Sector. It’s called the MultiDock and it’s a charge and sync station for up to 10 iPads.

The MultiDock is said to boast both a compact footprint (less than a laptop’s) and toughness to ‘withstand the rigors of workplace, classroom, and institutional use’.

Here’s a little more on how this is targeted:

“The MultiDock delivers plug-and-charge convenience in a compact footprint that adapts easily to classrooms, offices, healthcare facilities and other settings,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “With Griffin’s Business Solutions, we are excited to provide the most complete power, protection, security, connection and application solutions for enterprise users.”

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122,000 Reasons Why the iPad Is Not Just a Consumer Device


Among the most common off-target criticisms leveled at the iPad is the idea that it’s just a toy or purely a device that appeals to consumers; not a serious, business-grade device.

Well, that does not appear to match the view of enterprises and organizations round the world who are rolling out the iPad at large scale. In fact, the list of just public deployments (probably just the tip of the iceberg) already extends to some 458 organizations who are deploying close to 122,000 iPads – according to Eric Lai of UberMobile, who (along with Jim Siegl) maintains the excellent iPad Deployment List.

The list just won’t stop growing. There are now 458 organizations deploying nearly 122,000 iPads (and as I’ve repeatedly noted, this is only a list of public deployments, meaning it is a HU-UGE undercount) … That is 25% growth in the number of organizations in just three months.

There are some mighty impressive names in that list – including SAP, Walt Disney, The Financial Times, GE, and NASA. The list also shows the breadth of iPad’s reach – from major enterprises, to the healthcare industry, to education and government orgnanizations.

As much as some rival tablet makers would like to imply that the iPad is just a hit with ‘personal’ users, it’s just not the case. It’s appeal in the business arena is looking every bit as strong as in the consumer space.

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Two Big iPad Numbers from Apple’s Latest Financial Results Call


7.3 million sold last quarter – up from 4.something the last quarter. And the really impressive one:

Over 80% of the Fortune 100 are testing or deploying iPad – up from 65% last quarter.

News Via: Apple’s FY 11 First Quarter Results Call.

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Gartner to CEOs: Go Get iPad into Your Companies


Noting that chief executives are usually not directly involved in deploying electronics in their company, Gartner this week recommended that CEOs should treat Apple’s iPad as an "exception," or risk being left behind.

We’ve seen more and more signs over recent months of the iPad, and iOS, gaining ground in the corporate and enterprise spaces. This week’s standout example of this growing momentum is some (very) strong advice from the prestigious Gartner Group to CEOs, telling them essentially to get a move on and get iPads into their organizations.

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iPad in the Enterprise – MicroStategy Deploys iPads to More than Half Its Employees

MicroStrategy iPad App

MicroStrategy, a business intelligence software maker, has deployed 1,100 Apple iPads to executives and sales personnel to conduct critical job-related tasks. The company said it expects 700 more iPads to be deployed soon.

MicroStrategy are another major enterprise outfit who are embracing the iPad in a big way. In fact, in a huge way.  They’ve got an app of their own in the iPad App Store and it’s one of the most popular free apps in the business category.  Their recent rollout of the iPad to their staff is even more impressive when you learn that the company employs 2,000 people – so they’ve already got the iPsd in the hands of more than half their workforce, and their plans to rollout 700 more will mean 90% of their staff have one.

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iPad at Work – at Lloyds of London


Apple’s iPad has broken into yet another enterprise sector, this time the insurance industry with internationally-known insurer, Lloyds, working with brokers to test use of the Apple device in its underwriting room.

The trial began this month and will see iPads used instead of the more traditional underwriting slips. Brokers, Marsh, Cooper Gay and RK Harrison Group are testing the Apple devices.

Its hard to think of a more blue chip name than Lloyds of London when it comes to international financial institutions.  This news is further evidence that the iPad is already having far more impact in the enterprise arena than anyone (except maybe Steve Jobs and a few other Apple execs) expected.

Source: Lloyds via 9to5Mac

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