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iPad at Work: As the Indianapolis Colts’ Playbook

Ryan Fannin, the Colts’ director of football information systems

It looks like the iPad has gained quite a bit of momentum in the NFL this year. There are now more than a dozen NFL teams using the iPad – and many of them are using it to replace traditional playbooks. As Biztech Magazine reports, one of the teams that has adopted the iPad this year is the Indianapolis Colts.

Along with Chuck Pagano, their new coach this year, and Andrew Luck, their new franchise quarterback, the team has now replaced their printed playbooks with iPads, which they believe gives them a competitive edge.

Back in March the Colts bought 120 iPads for their 90 players and 20 coaches – with 10 to be used as spares. They chose 64GB WiFi only iPad 3s as their standard.

“Pagano feels it’s a competitive advantage to give players all the information at their fingertips and for them to learn in a way they have grown accustomed to,” says Ryan Fannin, the Colts’ director of football information systems. “It’s not about pen and paper anymore. We are able to tie a video with a diagram of a play. It helps players learn, and it’s a huge benefit for the team.”

It’s definitely been a hugely successful season for the Colts. They’ve gone from a 2-14 disaster last year to 10 wins and a playoff berth this season. Great job iPad – though I suppose Luck and Pagano and a few of those other Colts players and coaches may have had a little something to do with the success as well. :)

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iPad at Work: Taking Over the NFL

iPads in the NFL

The iPad is taking over the NFL. It’s now far easier to reel off the short list of NFL teams that are not yet considering the iPad than it is to name the numerous franchises that are already using it or planning to start using it this season.

A recent article by Jeff Darlington at NFL.com declares that the iPad revolution is upon us and talks about how the iPad is revolutionizing playbooks for NFL players and coaches, instantly bringing the intricacies of the sport right to their fingertips. It also highlights how nearly every team in the NFL has at least considered rolling out iPads to players and coaching staff – and I noted that more than half of NFL teams are either already actively using iPads or planning to in the upcoming 2012 season.

Those teams are the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Bucs, Washington Redskins.

The iPad offers several huge advantages for NFL teams – these include:

— Players and coaches no longer need to lug around 5 inch thick playbooks. This should save substantial amounts of money on printing as well.

— Game film and other key information is available much more rapidly – and can be updated far more easily. Players don’t have to go a team to a team training facility to catch up with the latest – they can do it in the comfort of their own home.

— Security is improved. When players lose an iPad or a player is about to be cut or traded, it’s easy to remotely wipe the data on their iPad.

The whole nfl.com article is a great read – check it out to see where your favorite team stands on usage of iPads. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see similar reports on iPad adoption among NBA and MLB teams.

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iPad at Work: for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Bucs


Who are the 90 iPad users you would least like to argue with? Odd question right? Well here’s the answer:

The coaching staff of the National Football League’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers has equipped every one of their 90 players with an iPad 2 to view playbooks and watch videos.

I’m thinking if any of those guys say Angry Birds stinks and Madden 11 is way better, I’m not arguing.

Lame jokes aside, this is interesting news being reported at Apple Insider – as the Buccaneers are the first NFL team to adopt the iPad. And they’ve adopted it in a big way it looks like, with strong support from players, coaches, and ownership.

The idea to adopt the iPad came from the team’s coach, Raheem Morris, the youngest head coach in the NFL. The Bucs also have the youngest playing squad in the league and apparently coach and players are enthusiastic about replacing massive, old-school printed playbooks with the iPad.

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