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The iPad Buying Experience – at an Apple Store

New iPad

That’s my shiny new baby right there. A quick shot taken with the iPhone while getting checked out earlier this morning.  My iPad buying experience – at the Apple store in Barton Creek Mall in Austin – was superb today.  It really couldn’t have been much better.

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iPad Countdown – 24 Hours Now

iPad Countdown

Well, it’s finally almost here – right around 24 hours to go before the iPad is launched and available to buy.

I don’t know where my widget is getting 18 hours from.  It is 8:34AM where I live as I write this post – so I figure it is just over 24 hours until my local Apple stores start selling iPads at 9:00am tomorrow morning.  I could see 23 hours being shown on the widget, if it uses the Eastern time zone – but anywhere else in the US it’s going to still be nighttime 18 hours from now.

Anyway, I’ll be waiting outside my local Apple store at around 7:00AM tomorrow – and hoping to get out of there with a shiny new iPad as early as lines permit.

How about you all?  How are you handling the waiting?  Are you going to a store or waiting on a delivery truck?

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Apple Email Confirms iPad Ready for Pickup at Store, Separate Line for Reservations


Now that’s an item I’m happy to see in my Inbox! Apple is sending out confirmations this morning to those of us who’ve reserved an iPad for pickup at an Apple store on launch day.

The email is short and (very) sweet, and I got mine a short while ago. It confirms that my iPad will be ready to collect at the store this Saturday. 

It also confirms that there will be a separate line for those with reservations, and that I need to pickup the iPad by 3:00PM on Saturday – after that iPads will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

It’s really not long now. :)

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Best Buy to Have Very Few iPads to Sell on Launch Day


It looks lime your local Best Buy store is not going to be the best place to grab an iPad on Launch Day, April 3rd.  TUAW has the scoop on the very limited supply of iPads each Best Buy outlet will have:

Planning to skip the Apple Store crowds and sneak over to one of the 670+ Best Buy stores that will be selling the iPad on launch day? Better get there early, as each store will be limited to 15 iPads in stock, and those WiFi-only iPads will be evenly distributed among the three price points.

So they’ll have only 5 of each iPad model. Yikes.  I’ve always felt better about going to an Apple store than anywhere else on a big launch day – they always seem to have more stock and to be a lot better organized.

Any of you all planning to try a Best Buy store?


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Planning to Pickup an iPad in NYC or Nearby? Want Your 15 Minutes?


Image Source: collider.com

If you’re planning to pickup an iPad in New York City or nearby on the day of its release, you may have a shot at your 15 minutes of fame if you want it.  A producer at NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) contacted us to say that they’re looking to interview someone on launch day. 

We’re doing a story on the iPad launch, and we’d like to interview someone who is picking up an iPad in NYC or nearby NJ on the day of the launch. 

If you’re interested send an email to:

ari.schwartz AT nhkny dotcom

Good luck and if you get on there remember to say ‘Hi Mom’ and not look any more deranged than the rest of us who are willing to stand in line for a shiny new electronic device. :)

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