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Review: Project, Branson’s ‘Revolutionary’ Magazine for the iPad

Project magazine for iPad

Project is the much-awaited new ‘built for the iPad’ magazine from Richard Branson’s Virgin Publishing. This new iPad and tablet focused title has been much hyped over the last couple of weeks and its publishers are certainly talking the talk in terms of touting it as being a cutting edge publication for the iPad. Here’s a little slice from the press release announcing the launch of the app:

… Proud of what we have achieved and delighted to have played a small part in determining what will become the future of what we as readers expect from the magazines of tomorrow.  Today, PROJECT has set the standard.

Not exactly a bashful intro for this one then. I installed the app late last night and have browsed it and read it just about cover to cover – and of course I have some thoughts on whether Project lives up to its lofty ambitions. Hit the jump for those and lots of screenshots …

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Sneak Peek – Richard Branson’s New Project Magazine for iPad, Launching Tomorrow

 Richard Branson's Project magzine for iPad

Project is the new magazine from Richard Branson’s Virgin Digital Publishing – built specifically for the iPad and set to launch on the App Store tomorrow (Tuesday 11/30).

The Project project is fascinating because it is touted as the first of a new wave of publications that are built for the iPad and that are meant to embody what an all-digital, all-iPad (and other tablets when they come along) title can be. I’ve seen a few quite good iPad editions of some major print titles, and some appalling ones as well – I am super excited to see what the first new  ‘built for the iPad’ title has to offer.

Today I’ve had a little sneak peek at what the magazine will look like – though I haven’t seen the app itself just yet.

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