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Are iPad Magazines Failing? And If So, Why?


Over the last few days there have been numerous reports around the web about how iPad magazine titles are failing. Here’s a slice from a recent article at BGR on this:

Every big name magazine title available on the iPad has seen its purchase rate decline since introduction, and most didn’t find much success to begin with.

Glamour, for example, sold only 4,301 copies in its debut month. Sales then dropped 20% in October and another 20% in November, landing at 2,775. GQ sold 11,000 copies in November, down from an average of 13,000 per month between May and October. Sales of Vanity Fair slid to 8,700 copies in November from an average of 10,500 from August through October. Men’s Health, which averaged sales of just 2,800 copies over the spring, sold 2,000 copies each month in September and October. Wired, which had a monster month when it debuted in June with over 100,000 downloads, dropped to an average of 31,000 between July and September and an average of 21,500 between October and November.

There have also been some subsequent articles attempting to put some of these numbers in perspective, and arguing that perhaps the case for failure is not as strong as it initially looks. That some of these numbers, when looked at in the light of around 10 million iPads in the US by now as opposed to the 300 million population, are maybe not so bleak.

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Sneak Peek – Richard Branson’s New Project Magazine for iPad, Launching Tomorrow

 Richard Branson's Project magzine for iPad

Project is the new magazine from Richard Branson’s Virgin Digital Publishing – built specifically for the iPad and set to launch on the App Store tomorrow (Tuesday 11/30).

The Project project is fascinating because it is touted as the first of a new wave of publications that are built for the iPad and that are meant to embody what an all-digital, all-iPad (and other tablets when they come along) title can be. I’ve seen a few quite good iPad editions of some major print titles, and some appalling ones as well – I am super excited to see what the first new  ‘built for the iPad’ title has to offer.

Today I’ve had a little sneak peek at what the magazine will look like – though I haven’t seen the app itself just yet.

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What Do You Think of iPad Magazine App Pricing?


If you buy the digital editions of Popular Science or TIME Magazine on the iPad, they cost $4.99 each — same as on the newsstand.

However, one-year subscriptions to Popular Science (the paper magazine) are currently selling for $12 — or $1 an issue. And TIME subscriptions can be had for $20 — around 35¢ an issue.

That’s an excerpt from a recent report by Philip Elmer-Dewitt at Fortune, on how some of the print publishing industry is thinking about pricing for iPad versions of their titles.

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Review: Time Magazine on the iPad

Time Magzine for iPad

There’s been a lot of talk of the iPad being a sort of ‘savior’ device for newspapers and magazines.  Time is a leading magazine title – here in the US and even worldwide I believe. What better way to discover the new Time Magazine for iPad than to purchase the April 12 issue of it, with its cover leading on Steve Jobs and the iPad.

I hadn’t even realized Time were already producing individual issues just for the iPad, until this morning – and as soon as I did I grabbed up this issue (which was sold out in all the newsagents near me).  I’ve spent a good amount of time with Time this morning – and have some thoughts and lots of screencaps to share below …

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