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ABC News for iPad Updated, Now Does Live Streaming of Breaking News and Live Events

ABC News for iPad

The ABC News for iPad app has been updated, to Version 1.4. Here’s what’s new:

– Live streaming of breaking news and live events
– OS 4.2 support

The new live streaming is quite a cool feature, though so far it’s only audio that’s streaming for me in the app, with some static images from Times Square or somewhere similar. The audio does not stream in the background either if I switch to another app.

Still, a nice new feature – and hopefully video streaming may be added in a future update.

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NewsMix – Latest Social News App for the iPad

NewsMix for iPad

NewsMix – or NewsMix by sobees to use its full name – is the latest ‘social news’ app to hit the iPad App Store. It offers a default set of major news sources in a small range of typical categories – things like sports, technology, politics, culture, lifestyle, news and so on. The ‘social’ part comes via the ability to add your own individual RSS feeds, Google Reader integration, and hooks into your Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Here’s more on the app via its App Store page:

NewsMix by sobees has been thought to suit your every need! It lets you stay up to date with both your social media AND the world’s news, create your own mix of news and share articles with your community. All this in a fun, fast and easy-to-use interface. Thanks to NewsMix by sobees – YOUR own, personalized magazine – the latest news is only a tap away!

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Flipboard Gets a Major Update – Adds Google Reader, Flickr, Better Twitter and Facebook Support, More


I love the screencap above. I think it nicely shows off how cool Flickr looks within Flipboard, the excellent social / news / magazine app for the iPad. Flipboard has recently been named by Apple as their iPad App of the Year for 2010. It’s a deserving winner, and that’s before getting a major, and awfully sweet looking update today (to Version 1.1).

The big news in this update is that support for Google Reader and Flickr have been added. So you can pop in your credentials for those and add a section for each of them – and they both look great. Support for Twitter and Facebook has also been expanded in a big way. You can now browse your Tweets, Twitter favorites, @mentions and lists – as well as your Facebook groups, fan pages, and photos from your feed.

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CNN Launches iPad App

CNN App for iPad

CNN App for iPad is, as you might well guess, the brand new iPad app from one of the leading US news organizations. They’ve had an iPhone app for some time now, but this one is built specifically for the iPad.

The app’s description is a pretty standard sounding one, that really doesn’t provide much of a feel for the app – but here’s a chunk of it anyway:

Experience the new CNN App for iPad. Share and comment on news & insights, watch live and breaking news video, and take yourself deeper into the stories.
Welcome to the bigger picture.
– Go beyond breaking news with top headlines, in-depth feature stories and video
– Choose your view from different navigation options; quickly scan the headlines or immerse yourself in a slideshow
– Take part in the conversation by commenting on stories and reading others’ responses
– Share stories on Facebook and Twitter or via e-mail
– Save stories for offline viewing
– Watch live video streams of breaking news and other major news events

As always with iPad news apps, I’m very keen to see how this one looks and how it stacks up against some of the other big-name titles. I’ll be giving it a look and sharing my thoughts on it very soon.

You can find CNN App for iPad in the App Store now; and it’s a free app thanks to a sponsorship deal.

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Pulse News Reader for iPad Now Free

Pulse News Reader for iPad

Pulse News Reader – the popular app that has a new take on news reading on the iPad – has become a free app. The developers have got venture capital funding, so this should be a permanent move to free, though it may be ad-supported in future.

The app is well-known and well-liked for its graphics-heavy, magazine style approach to following your RSS news feeds. I’ve tried the app and like some of its approach, but the limited number of feeds supported is a stumbling block for me.

You can find Pulse News Reader in the App Store now, with its new ‘Free’ price tag.

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Pulse News Reader App for iPad Updated & Looking Good


The Pulse News Reader app for the iPad has recently been update, to Version 2.0. Pulse is one of the leading examples of a sort of new breed of news and RSS feed apps for iOS; ones where there is a much more magazine-like feel to the apps. Here’s a little slice of its App Store description:

Pulse is a visual news reader for your iPad. It takes the news sources you follow, and instantly creates a visual mosaic of your news.

I thought Pulse looked interesting when it initially launched, but it was limited to 15 feeds for its RSS sources and I subscribe to over 200 so it was a no-go for me. The 2.0 update is exciting to me because it now allows up to 60 sources across 5 pages (to organize content).

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Flipboard on the iPad– World’s First Social Magazine

Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard is described as ‘the world’s first social magazine’ – and it’s an iPad only app (for the moment) with a very interesting concept …

Flipboard brings the timeless layout of print media to social media. No more scrolling through long lists of posts and links. No more jumping back and forth between websites. Your Flipboard is everything you care about in one place. It’s your magazine. It’s your Flipboard.

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Ad Space in iPad News Apps Costs 5 Times as Much as Online Ads

USA Today for iPad

Advertising on print publications repurposed for Apple’s iPad draws a fee up to five times more than buying placement on the same content provider’s website.

That’s an excerpt from a recent report at Apple Insider, covering how much higher ad rates for ad spaces in iPad editions of leading print publications than they are for ads on their web sites.

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Newsweek for iPad – How NOT To Do a Digital Magazine

Newsweek for iPad

Newsweek is one of the latest well-know, mainstream magazines to hit the iPad, with its Newsweek for iPad app.  If you’d like the very short version of this review, it would be something along the lines of …

It’s crap – don’t waste your time.

If you’d like a little detail on why I say that, by all means read on …

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AP Planning AP Mobile Like App for the iPad

AP Mobile iPhone app

The Associated Press has announced that it’s planning to bring a news app to the iPad. 

Much like the AP Mobile news product, the iPad app will show custom packages of headlines, stories, photos and video from the AP and from newspapers and broadcasters that choose to contribute their content and share the revenue. AP members also could use the same system to offer their own iPad apps that show their own content.

The announcement says that the plan is to charge for the app, though it may start out as free; perhaps they’ll be doing whatever free plus subscription models emerge for the newspaper / magazine industry on the iPad.  No word yet on when the app may be released.

I like most things about the AP Mobile app on the iPhone – especially the ability to easily add local news in – though I’ve always been disappointed in its push notifications. They’ll be a news app that I’d certainly look at when it hits the iPad.

Source: AP via MacRumors

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