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Photogene for iPad Got a Big Update – Lots of Cool New Features

Photogene for iPad

Photogene for iPad – which was already one of the better iPad apps for photo effects / image manipulation – has had a big recent update, to Version 2.00. I only just got round to catching up with all my recent updates and took a few minutes to play around with this one. I have to say it really looks great.

Here are some of the major new features in this update:

  • New photos browser – view photos as large thumbnails
  • Give captions to photos
  • Batch uploading – pick several photos and upload all at once
  • Metadata viewer – displays EXIF metadata including geotagging
  • New editor tools – denoise filter, better sharpening, heat/clone tool, more
  • Export in high res: up to 8MP
  • Direct printing from Photogene

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Recommended: FX Photo Studio HD


First things first, if any of you would like to argue that this is not the cutest puppy in the world I’m happy to debate that with you at great length. That’s not the purpose of this short post though – which is to recommend the excellent FX Photo Studio HD app.

I’m not going to even attempt a review on this one because I’m just not adept enough at using photo effects apps in general to do it justice. What I can say though is that even with my clumsy, very amateur touch with these sort of apps, FX Photo Studio lets me create (what I think are) some lovely images from existing photos. Like the one above that took just one tap to render the ‘Vintage’ effect onto my photo.

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Make Your Photos Look Like Oil Paintings with this iPad App


PhotoArtistaHD – Oil is one of those apps that is just pure fun, with a little bit of wow factor thrown in for good measure.  It’s got a simple and fun purpose:

… portraiture & fine art app that turns a photo “alla prima” (at once) into an oil painting masterpiece with no work on your part.

It does this well too – and it’s big fun to see your photos transformed so they look like oil paintings after just a couple of taps.  You can likely achieve the same effect with a number of good photo editing apps for the iPad, but this app does all the work for you.

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