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FX Photo Studio HD Updated and Price Dropped to $1.99

FX Photo Studio HD

FX Photo Studio HD – the excellent photo effects app for the iPad – got updated yesterday, to Version 3.2.0. Here are the changes in this new version:

• New category “Sketches” – 6 new filters
• Full compatibility with iPad 2
• Enhanced tuning for effects

I did a review of FX Photo Studio HD last month; it has rapidly become a favorite and very frequently used app for me. It is my go-to app for nearly all work with photos and images on the iPad.

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Photo Transfer App Updated – Adds Ability to Transfer Photos and Videos in the Background


Photo Transfer App – a superb app for iPad and iPhone that lets you quickly and easily transfer photos and videos between iOS devices and computers – has been updated this week, to Version 2.3.

Here’s the change list for this update:

– Transfer photos & videos in background
– Ability to transfer photos in full resolution or medium resolution
– UI improvements to transfer page

The first item is the big step up here – the ability to continue photo and video transfers in the background. I tested this with both photos and videos, switching out of the app on both the sending (iPhone) and receiving (iPad) device – and both transfers went through without a hitch.

This was already a stellar app, as I outlined in my review of Photo Transfer App back in January – and the new background transfer feature is a great addition to it. I love it when great apps just keep getting better.

Here’s an App Store link for Photo Transfer App; it’s a universal app (designed for both iPad and iPhone) and is priced at $2.99.

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Price Drops: FX Photo Studio HD for iPad $0.99 Today Only

FX Photo Studio HD

Apparently the folks at MacPhun like Wednesdays, and they’ve got a sweet Wednesday deal for iPad owners today. Their excellent FX Photo Studio HD app is on sale for just $0.99 – 80% off its regular price.

I did a review of FX Photo Studio HD last month, and had this to say about it in my sum-up:

FX Photo Studio HD offers everything you could want or need in an iPad photography app and more. Powerful features, an easy to use interface that lets you get the most out of them, and great results.

It works well even for those of us who are lousy photographers and don’t give it much to work with.

It is an oft-used and favorite iPad app for me. If you’re looking for a great photo effects app for the iPad at a great price, you need to check this one out today.

Here’s an App Store link for FX Photo Studio HD, available today (3/16) for $0.99.

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Review: FX Photo Studio HD for iPad

FX Photo Studio HD

FX Photo Studio HD is a photo effects and image manipulation app for the iPad. Whether you’re just looking for a bit of image correction on a photo or to completely transform one, the app has effects that will fit the bill.

Here’s a bit of its introduction on its App Store page:

By pressing one button you can turn your shot into a retro photo or a picture drawn by a pencil or paints, or done in a Modern Art style. Alternatively, you can simply add a pretty frame of flowers or butterflies. Or whatever else you might desire – the choice is practically unlimited!

Here is just a short list of some effects contained in the application:
Vintage, Black and White, Night Vision, Pencil Paint, False Mirror, Ghost, Neon Light, Hue Green, Ripped Glass, Rainbow Palette, Scary Face, Ancient Canvas, Steamy Window, Stardust Frame, Mosaic, Burnt Paper, Explosion, Old Film Frame, Bump Mapping, Solarize, Tritone, Old Photo, Frost, Old TV and there are many many more!

The app is about to get a major update (due for release tomorrow, 2/14) and I’ve been fortunate enough to be using the new version for a few weeks now. Hit the break for my full review of the app and its latest update …

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Review – Photo Transfer App for iPad and iOS

Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer App has rapidly become a favorite app for me – on my iPad and iPhone. As its name suggests, it’s an app that makes it easy to transfer photos (and videos) over WiFi – from iPhone or iPad to a computer, and between your iOS devices.

I’ve used a good number of apps that offer similar functionality, as I’m a big fan of avoiding cabled sync and doing things wirelessly – and I’ve found Photo Transfer App does the best job. Hit the break for lots more detail on why I like the app so much …

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Photogene for iPad Got a Big Update – Lots of Cool New Features

Photogene for iPad

Photogene for iPad – which was already one of the better iPad apps for photo effects / image manipulation – has had a big recent update, to Version 2.00. I only just got round to catching up with all my recent updates and took a few minutes to play around with this one. I have to say it really looks great.

Here are some of the major new features in this update:

  • New photos browser – view photos as large thumbnails
  • Give captions to photos
  • Batch uploading – pick several photos and upload all at once
  • Metadata viewer – displays EXIF metadata including geotagging
  • New editor tools – denoise filter, better sharpening, heat/clone tool, more
  • Export in high res: up to 8MP
  • Direct printing from Photogene

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Photoshop Express App Updated, Hopefully Squashes Major Bugs


I posted yesterday about how buggy the initial release of Adobe’s Photoshop Express universal app for the iPad and iPhone was.  Happily, it looks like Adobe is trying to get on top of this quickly, as they’ve already released an update, to Version 1.3.1.

And here’s what the update promises:

Bug fixes, including landscape launch bug on iPad. Release also includes all improvements from 1.3.0:

I could not make Photoshop Express show any of the bugs other were reporting over the last couple days – so I’m not a test case for the new update at all.  I’d love to hear your results and reactions if you were amongst those having issues with the app.

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Photoshop Express Buggy, Getting Slammed in App Store Ratings

Photoshop Express app ratings


It looks like Adobe’s shiny new universal version of Photoshop Express – for the iPad and iPhone – is not shining in its current release (Version 1.3).  This is a brand new release on the iPad and an update for iPhone users. 

As you can see in the screenshot above, the app’s ratings in the App Store are pretty terrible – a 2-star average for the current version – which is staggering for an app from a major, mainstream software company.

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Free Photoshop App for iPad Released

Photoshop Express iPad app

Photoshop Express is a new, and free, app for the iPad that brings some Photoshopping goodness to your favorite magical, revolutionary iDevice.  It’s a companion app for the Photoshop.com site, that provides photo editing, sharing, and hosting.  Here are some of the app’s notable editing features:

• Basics: Crop, Straighten, Rotate, and Flip
• Color: Exposure, Saturation, Tint, Black and White, and Contrast
• Filters: Sketch, Soft Focus, and Sharpen
• Effects: Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette Blur, Warm Vintage, Rainbow, White Glow, and Soft Black and White
• Borders: Rectangle, Rounded, Oval, Soft Edge, Vignette, Rough Edge, Halftone, and Film Emulsion

You can find Photoshop in the App Store now, and it is a free app.

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Cool Things: Stunning Images from The Guardian Eyewitness App

The Guardian Eyewitness app

Just a quick entry in the ‘apps that keep on giving’ category.  I wrote a quick look post about a wonderful iPad app called The Guardian Eyewitness just a couple weeks ago.  I hadn’t planned on mentioning the app again so soon – but I just can’t help but share a couple of the spectacular images the app has featured over the last few days.

Above is an amazing sequence of images showing a pilot parachuting to safety as his fighter jet crashes during a practice flight.

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Quick Look – The Guardian Eyewitness for iPad

The Guardian Eyewitness for iPad

It’s taken me quite a while to discover this app – as it’s been out since right around iPad launch day.  I’d always heard very good things about it, but it has still exceeded my high expectations.  The Guardian Eyewitness app for the iPad is just superb. 

As its App Store description states, it showcases the world’s most distinctive and provocative photographs, providing a daily, visual reflection of global events.  Even if you’re not usually fascinated with photography, this app presents stunning and gripping images that will leave you unable to put it down until you’ve seen all of them.

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