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iPad International Pre-orders Have Started


Image Source: Troy.edu

Pre-orders for the iPad have kicked off today in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK – the same countries where the iPad will be available in stores May 28th.

Pricing varies a fair bit by country, but it looks as if one common factor is the expected markup on US prices.  TechCrunch has all the pricing details here:


Given the way the iPad has sold out rapidly in the US, it might be a good idea to get your orders in quickly if you’re in one of the nine countries listed above, if you want to get hold of an iPad soon.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Nearly Half a Million Orders Already?


More amazing iPad pre-order and pre-sales numbers being reported at the end of this week.  Numbers and things that stand out:

  • Close to 250,000 pre-orders
  • Guesstimates of roughly the same amount of in-store pickup reservations.
  • The fact that these estimates do not even include orders from enterprise, schools, or small businesses.  I imagine their may well be quite significant iPad interest in those last two sectors at least.

I think these numbers – if they end up being even close to accurate – are just one of a growing number of signs that the iPad is going to be another big hit for Apple.

Source: Fortune via 9to5Mac

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Crazy iPad Numbers: 150,000 Pre-orders on First Weekend, Prediction of 500,000 by Release Day


If current estimates are correct, Apple has already had over 150,000 iPad pre-orders over the first weekend of accepting them, and that’s not counting all the reservations for in-store collection (which were already estimated at 40,000 on Day 1). 

Daniel Tello, who has been tracking the numbers closely, predicted that Apple will sell about 30,000 iPad preorders on weekdays, and half of that on weekends. He forecasts no more than a half-million preorders and reservations will be taken before the April 3 launch. He told Elmer-DeWitt he believes Apple will sell 1 million iPads by the second week after the device ships.

That’s from an Apple Insider report today.  If Tello’s numbers are accurate, that would be pretty stunning, given that most Wall Sreet analysts predict one million sales in the iPad’s first year on the market, and that the original iPhone took over two months to hit one million sold.

Sources: Apple Insider, Mashable, CNNMoney

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Over 90,000 Sold in First 6 Hours?


Image Source: miamimetroresidences.com

Wow.  It seems the iPad may have some consumer appeal after all – despite those surveys saying nobody except Norwegians was interested in buying it.

Some impressive (reported) numbers floating around about the first day of pre-orders and in-store collection reservations:

— Over 50,000 pre-orders in a two hour period

— Over 90,000 pre-orders after six hours

— Over 40,000 in-store pickup reservations

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iPad Pre-orders Live Now at Apple Store


Just as expected, iPad pre-ordering has gone live this morning at Apple’s online store.

You can now go to store.apple.com (in the US) and …

— Pre-order any of the WiFi models for delivery April 3rd (or April 5th if your area does not have Saturday delivery available)

— Pre-order any of the WiFi + 3G models for delivery in late April

— Pre-order most of the Apple iPad accessories (with varying delivery dates)

I’ve opted to skip pre-ordering for now, as I still don’t feel good about the Saturday delivery piece of it.  Hoping to find out what’s possible with reserving at a local Apple store later this morning.

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Time to Decide on Which iPad to Order

iPad pricing

Well, tomorrow is when iPad pre-orders start.  So I’ve been staring at the iPad pricing page and trying to work out which model I want to order tomorrow – always assuming pre-order can be done with guaranteed pickup at a local Apple store on April 3rd; if it is home delivery promised on a Saturday I’ll pass on pre-order and go stand at a store for one.

I’m pretty sure now that I’m going to go for the 64GB WiFi model.  I’m sure about the WiFi model, as they’re available on Day 1 and I just won’t wait a few weeks more for the 3G model.

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: TV Ad During Oscars & Pre-orders Starting the Next Day


Mike Cane thinks it is ‘highly likely’ that Apple may follow a similar path for the iPad – in terms of initial TV ads – as they did with the original iPhone back in 07:

Three years ago, Apple debuted its TV ad for the iPhone during the Oscars.

Will they follow suit with the iPad and also open up pre-orders the next day? I think this is highly likely.

I’d never seen that original iPhone ad – great stuff. February 25th – a previously rumored date for pre-orders starting – has come and gone, so Mike’s theory seems as good as any right now. Movies and iPad – I’m sure Apple’s ad people can work with that a bit. :)

Via: Mike Cane’s iPad Test

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Pre-orders Start Next Week

Apple - iPad - Notify Me

From the good folks at AppAdvice.com:

According to a reliable source of ours familiar with the matter, Apple will be starting the presale of the iPad as soon as February 25th.

There’s not really any more detail that than, so take this with liberal grains of salt and so forth, but it sure would be nice.

In the meantime, you can visit Apple’s Notify Me area of their iPad pages to get an email sent to you when it is available to order: http://www.apple.com/ipad/notify-me/

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