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Apple’s iPad Lineup Blows Away Estimates in Yesterday’s Quarterly Earnings Report

Apple’s iPad business has been nothing short of rock solid the last few years, but the last two quarters have really been something. Yesterday’s quarterly results report was expected to be good, but the reality was better than anyone outside Cupertino expected.

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iPad Sales Far Ahead of iPod and iPhone at Same Stage

iPad iPhone iPod Early Sales

I spotted the chart above via this post at Daring Fireball. John Gruber had this to say about it:

If you asked me what the most underrated aspect of Apple is today, I’d say it’s the speed at which iPad sales have grown. The iPhone took off fast, but the iPad has taken off way, way faster. I suspect many Apple watchers consider the iPad an iPhone-like success — but it’s far bigger.

The chart is the work of Horace Dediu at his Asymco site, and the chart was posted along with a tweet.

Although I was aware that the iPad’s first year sales numbers were at a record breaking pace, I had no idea how far ahead it is of the sales trajectory for the iPod and iPhone. That’s very impressive.

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iPad Sales Numbers for Q4 2011 Announced by Apple


Apple did their Q4 2011 financial results call this afternoon. Their fiscal fourth quarter is roughly in line with the 3rd calendar quarter of the year, having ended on September 24, 2011.

Here are some of the notable iPad numbers announced on the call:

— 11.12 million iPads sold in the quarter – a 166% increase from the year-ago quarter.

— 92% of Fortune 500 testing or deploying iPads – up from 86% last year.

— iPads now being distributed in 90 countries.

— Another mention of the IDC figures for Q2 of 2011 – showing the iPad with around 3/4 of the tablet market.

I think that iPad sales number puts the year’s total for 2011 at right around 25 million, with the holiday quarter still to come.

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Apple Announces Huge iPad Sales Numbers


During their quarterly earnings call yesterday Apple announced some staggeringly impressive numbers for the iPad. For starters, they sold 9.25 million iPads last quarter – that’s a crazy, huge number in its own right.

Here’s a few more numbers and facts that caught my eye:

— The iPad number for the quarter was up 183% over last year.

— The iPad outsold the iPod (all models combined) and more than doubled the sales of Macs.

— iPads are now on sale in 64 countries, after launching in 36 new ones during the quarter.

— 86 percent of Fortune 500 companies are now deploying or testing the iPad.

Apple are still selling iPads as fast as they can build them, but Tim Cook (Apple’s COO) stated that he is confident that they can ramp up production to meet demand.

More than 9 million iPads sold in a non-holiday quarter seems hugely impressive to me, especially with all the new competitor tablets that have launched this year.

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Apple Announces More than 25 Million iPads Sold Since Launch


During today’s WWDC 2011 keynote presentation, Apple announced an iPad milestone: that more than 25 million iPads have been sold since its launch 14 months ago. And they took the opportunity to remind us that …

We’ve created a whole new category of device with the iPad.

My math is weak, but 25 million in 14 months sounds like not far off 2 million per month as average sales. Not too shabby – especially considering many of their rivals don’t sound as if they’ve hit 2 million sales after several months on the market, and given the supply constraints that have been around for various periods since the original iPad launch.

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iPads Outselling Macs and Other Notable iPad Numbers from Apple


Yesterday Apple did their Q2 2011 earnings call. Some of the numbers and quotes that caught my attention during the call included:

— 4.7 million iPads were sold during the quarter. This is below a lot of analysts’ estimates, but still an impressive number given that the quarter ended in March, with stocks of the original iPad being wound down and the iPad 2 only on sale for about two weeks. Tim Cook (Apple’s COO) said demand for the iPad 2 has been ‘staggering’.

— There were 3.76 million Macs sold in the quarter. So the iPad is outselling Macs by a significant distance.

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Two Big iPad Numbers from Apple’s Latest Financial Results Call


7.3 million sold last quarter – up from 4.something the last quarter. And the really impressive one:

Over 80% of the Fortune 100 are testing or deploying iPad – up from 65% last quarter.

News Via: Apple’s FY 11 First Quarter Results Call.

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Latest Estimates Show Around 14 Million iPads Sold This Year


According to a recent Fortune report, the latest estimates put iPad sales for 2010 at around the 14 million mark. These estimates include actual figures for most of this year and estimates from a broad range of analysts for the most recent quarter.

A pretty great debut year – especially considering that many thought the iPad would struggle as a ‘tweener’ sort of device and might just about sell a million in its first year.

Next year’s numbers, for iPad and tablets in general, are expected to see enormous growth.

News Via: Apple 2.0

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Steve Ballmer Not Happy About iPad Sales

Ballmer on iPad sales numbers

Image Source: Gizmodo

Speaking to Wall Street analysts, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer noted that tablets are a big issue for the company and expressed concern about Apple’s success with iPad.

"Apple has done an interesting job. They’ve sold more than I’d like them to sell. We think about that," he said. "So it’s our job to say, we have got to make things happen. Just like we made things happen with netbooks, we have to do that with Slates."

What will really be interesting is seeing how they ‘make things happen’  – since Microsoft are so well-known for leading the way in the mobile arena.  :)

Via: Apple Insider

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Some iPad Numbers from Apple’s Latest Results Call

iPad gets girls

Some notable iPad-related bits and pieces from Apple’s Q3 financial results call yesterday:

  • 3.27 million iPads sold
  • $2.17 billion sale of iPad and accessories.
  • Already have 50 percent of the Fortune 100 deploying or testing the iPad.
  • The product is not following a typical early adopter curve — it’s quickly broken into the mainstream.
  • Apple is working on increasing capacity, and feels like they can 

And it gets girls, as shown above. :)

Via: Apple Insider 1 and 2.  Image via Engadget

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Crazy iPad Numbers – 3 Million Sold in Under 3 Months

Steve holding iPad

Image Source: gdgt

Apple® today announced that it sold its three millionth iPad™ yesterday, just 80 days after its introduction in the US.

Like many people, I thought iPad sales would start to taper off after the initial mad rush for the new device back in its first few weeks of release.  Amazingly, this does not seem to be happening.  Obviously sales are now being boosted due its Stage 1 international launch last month – but the pace of better than a million units sold per months still seems extremely impressive.

Apple also announced today that there are now more than 11,000 apps for iPad – which is already double the number that were available at the end of May.  It’s good to see that developers’ enthusiasm for the device is matching that of users – though it still doesn’t feel to me like there are tons of new iPad apps around in the App Store over recent weeks.

Via: Apple press release

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