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My New iPad Screen: Protected

Ghost Armor Install

The first thing I did with my lovely new iPad, right after walking out the door of the Apple store with it, was get its spectacular new screen protected.

Luckily for me, there is a Ghost Armor kiosk just a few steps away from my local Apple store, so I shot straight over there after buying the new iPad. I’ve been using Ghost Armor to protect my iPad screens since back in 2010 and have written here before about how good both their product and service are.

Today my experience with them was even better than before, and that’s saying something – trust me. The young gentleman running the kiosk was there bright and early before the Apple store opened its doors, and he had good straight answers for us on our new iPad questions right away. Namely that the iPad 2 screen protectors would work fine on the new iPad, as the screen size has not changed, but the back cover protection will not work as the camera hole is larger and the dimensions are just a little different. They’ll have new back covers available within a few days I expect.

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Got My iPad 2 Screen Protectors Yesterday


I’m a big believer in screen protectors for my iDevices, and especially the iPad. They offer protection against scratches and dings to your shiny tablet buddy, and also help reduce smudges and fingerprints a little.

So yesterday I got screen protectors applied to my new iPad 2. I would have had this done on Day 1, but my favorite local Ghost Armor Screen Protector Superheroes – these guys who run a kiosk at the Barton Creek Mall in Austin, right outside the Apple store – didn’t have their new covers in just yet for the iPad 2.

They were confident they’d have them in by Monday, and they did – so I went and had front and back screen protectors applied by them to my iPad 2. It only took 30 minutes and they did a superb job once again – something I just cannot manage to do myself.

The iPad 2 looks perfect today, not a blemish or bubble to be seen anywhere. If you have a Ghost Armor kiosk anywhere near you, I highly recommend using them to protect your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile devices. Check out their site here for more info and locations:


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Recommended: Ghost Armor Screen Protectors for iPad


My iPad 3G had been going naked since I bought it, and I’ve been wanting to get a screen protector for it for quite a while. The main thing holding me back was that I am The World’s Worst installer of screen protectors. I’ve tried installing various brands on my iPhones and iPads in the past, and always done a horrendous job and regretted trying it.

I also tried out having Best Buy install an invisibleSHIELD for me on my old WiFi only iPad. After a couple weeks that was not looking good at all. There were quite a few ugly patches along the sides of the screen and noticeable bubbling in several spots that was not ‘working itself out’. I ended up removing it.

Last week I finally found the perfect solution for my iPad. Ghost Armor screen protectors AND a kiosk where they would apply them for me. I’ve had the protectors on front (screen) and back of my iPad for 8 days now, and they look excellent.

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Clear-Coat Carts for iPad Screen Protector Installs – I Want One of These Near Me


This is the way to get iPad screen protection covered! The video demo above for the Clear-Coat iPad professional installation is very impressive.

I came away from the video wishing there was one of these Clear-Coat carts near me.  They charge $39.95 for the full-body screen protector and $15 for the (very) professional install of it.  As nice as the staff at Best Buy were when installing an invivsibleSHIELD for me recently, their install was nowhere near as slick and professional as the Clear-Coat routine.

Thanks to Larry Greenberg for the cool video.

Hey Clear-Coat – please take a look at Austin when you’re looking at places to expand to. :)

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My iPad Is No Longer a Nudist

invisibleSHIELD for iPad

My iPad had been shamelessly ‘naked’ since I got it back on the original (April 3) launch day – with no screen protector on it.  I had been looking to change that for weeks for two simple reasons: no matter what Apple says about its magical, revolutionary, oleophobic coating, the thing is a total fingerprint magnet – which is annoying and detracts from its general loveliness; and I am always worried about inadvertent scratches to it.

So I’m very pleased to report that yesterday I finally got some screen coverage on my shiny pal. I had an invisibleSHIELD for iPad (front only) installed for me at my local Best Buy outlet.

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invisibleSHIELD for iPad Now Available for Pre-order


The folks at Zagg have sne tout an email blast to announce that their invisbleSHIELD for the iPad is now available to be pre-ordered.

invisibleSHIELD has a great reputation for being just about the toughest anti-scratch protection (they’re made from military grade material) you can get for a number of mobile devices (including the iPhone) while also adding almost no bulk or thickness to your device.  I’m sure they’ll be a popular accessory for the iPad as well.

The Full Body covers for the iPad go for $34.99.  Front Coverage is priced at $24.99. Zagg’s site say they will ship ‘shortly after the release’ of the iPad.  For lots more detail and / or to place a pre-order, go HERE.

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So Much for Getting an iPad Screen Protector Put on at an Apple store?


So today it’s being reported that Apple looks to be banning all forms of screen protector films for iPhones, iPods, and the iPad at its retail stores.  Here’s more detail from iLounge’s report on this:

"Apple has said that it will remove both film-only solutions from its stores, as well as any case or other accessory that includes film protection as part of its package, such as cases that include film screen protectors," according to the report.

It adds that the ban — which covers film protectors for iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Mac — will impact all forms of screen film, "including completely clear film, anti-glare film, and mirrored film, regardless of whether the purpose of the film is protective, decorative, or both."

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Zagg InvisibleShield for iPad Available for Pre-Order [iPad Accessories]

Zagg invisibleSHIELD for iPad

Zagg is bringing its famous invisibleSHIELD screen protectors to the iPad.  invisibleSHIELD protectors are very well-known and well-respected for providing top notch protection against scratches and nicks of all sorts while adding very little bulk, and also for being a bit like brain surgery to apply the full body sets. :)

The invisbleSHIELD for iPad full body set costs $34.99.  The Front Coverage protector goes for $24.99.  They’re also offering a couple of bundles with both the screen protectors and some Zagg audio accessories.  The invisibleSHIELDs will ship ‘shortly after the release of the iPad’.

For more details or to place a pre-order, visit the Zagg site:


Via: iLounge

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BodyGuardz Screen Protection Coming to iPad [iPad Accessories]

BodyGuardz for iPad

BodyGuardz – one of the more popular forms of screen protection for the iPhone and many other devices – will be available for the iPad as well. 

NLU Products has introduced new versions of its BodyGuardz and ScreenGuardz protective solutions designed to fit the new Apple iPad. Made from the same material used to protect the front of automobiles from rocks and other potentially damaging objects, each BodyGuardz for iPad set will include a clear screen protector and a one-piece back protector that will cover both the rear and sides of the device while allowing for full access to all buttons and ports.

The BodyGuardz full body set will go for $29.95, the screen only version is $19.95, and the back only goers for $24.95.  For more details or to pre-order, go to:


I always find the full body protectors too much fuss to install and maintain.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing a simple protector available in Apple retail stores, and very much hoping that those very kind Genius types will be willing to apply them when you purchase one. :)

Via: iLounge

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