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My iPad Pro Note Taking Setup Passed the Test With Flying Colors

Back in April, I came across a Kickstarter for a product from Jan Sapper called the PaperLike that was aiming to fill an unaddressed niche for the iPad Pro- the lack of a textured surface for writing and drawing on the iPad Pro’s screen. I ended up backing it, and when I received the product in July, I promptly installed it and wrote a brief review. Other than a little difficulty in putting it on (no more than any other flexible film screen protector), I came away happy with my brief experience to that point.

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Glide Across your iPad Screen: Dart Active Stylus Review

DSC_0001I reviewed the Apex Rechargeable active stylus a few weeks back and I was really impressed with it after years of using those rubber or mesh tipped disasters to try to add a handwritten element to my iPad. As commented in the review, being in the Ned Flanders left handed brigade made the use of a non-active stylus sometimes infuriating for handwriting. Handwriting is one of the few things that the iPad doesn’t do particularly well, unlike Samsung and their Note range. Thankfully we are starting to get some really decent active styluses on the market and they are starting to appear at price points which are attractive. This is where the KickStarter funded Dart Stylus from Precision Touch comes in. Continue reading

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Apex Rechargeable Stylus: The Missing Link for iPad?

IMG_20140521_192447You know you are pretty geeky when you get excited about receiving a stylus in the post. However, this is a fairly regular occurrence for me and I’m not quite, but almost a stylus junkie. One of the main reasons I love the iPad is that, used with apps which suit your style of working, you can do some amazing things to streamline your workflow. For me though, the thing that is missing from the iPad is a good stylus for handwritten input. I’ve always been slightly jealous of the Samsung S-pen and thought that this is one of the areas where the iPad is lacking. The iPad has some amazing note taking apps (Notability is my favourite), but without decent hardware input, the writing experience is truly awful. However, Lynktec look to be about to change this with their new rechargeable Apex active stylus. Continue reading

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Cool Things: ZEN 3-in-1 Stylus / Pen

Zen Three in One

I’ve tried out a good number of styluses for the iPad over the last few years – and they were good, bad, and mediocre. I’ve yet to find one that I continued using for more than just a brief tryout period and it’s been a long while since I felt excited about a stylus.

The ZEN 3 in 1 looks like it might be worth getting a little excited about. It’s a Kickstarter project that was successfully funded a couple days ago and more than doubled its funding target. It looks to be priced very competitively, starting at around $40 MSRP when it comes to market.

I’m far (far!) from an expert on the design and production of styluses, but the details on the ZEN 3 in 1’s Kickstarter page still strike me as impressive. The makers of it have been kind enough to offer me a review unit – so I’ll soon get a chance to see if it’s as good as it looks.

You can see check out all the technical details and watch a video demo at the ZEN 3 in 1 Kickstarter page.

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Favorite iPad Accessories


The iPad has turned out – for me at least – to be every bit as magical and wonderful as Steve Jobs promised when he first announced it. Probably more so. I spend a lot of quality time with it every day and it is by far and away my favorite device to use (MacBook Pro included).

So obviously I like my favorite device to have some outstanding accessories – to protect it, add functionality to it, and help me use it as effectively and comfortably as possible. Just as a small example of my iPad accessories love, I have *two* favorite iPad stands (and a few backups). They are the two shown happily co-existing above – the Just Mobile UpStand and the BookArc from TwelveSouth.

Accessories are such a personal thing – so much determined by your very own set of needs and tastes – that I won’t venture to do any sort of best iPad accessories list. But I would like to share some thoughts on my favorite iPad accessories and why I like them so much, in the hope that some of them may fit the bill for some of you as well.

Hit the break for a quick rundown of my short list of favorites …

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Need a Chunkier iPad Stylus? Here’s One

AluPen iPad stylus    Alupen stylus for the iPad

Does size matter when it comes to an iPad stylus?  If so, then the Alupen may be quite an exciting new option.  Compared to the slimline Pogo Sketch and others I’m used to seeing, this is one heck of chunky stylus.  Here’s a slice of its description at the Just Mobile page for it:

Just Mobile AluPen™ is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus that gives you precise control over your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Sculpted from aluminum, with a soft rubber nib, the Alupen™ makes drawing and writing a uniquely smooth experience.

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