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Cool Things: Google’s Vic Gundotra Loves the new iPad TV Ad



This post caught my eye on Google+ this morning. It’s from Vic Gundotra – Google’s Senior Vice President, Engineering – who’s one of the most consistently interesting people to follow on Google’s social network.

Just in case you can’t see the screencap above very well, Gundotra talks about his love for the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ and its themes – and then goes on to say this:

Anyway, I have to (painfully) admit that Apple’s latest ads touch on these themes (and directly quote from the movie) and hence have become my favorite ad of the year.

Carpe Diem

Nice to see one of Google’s top guys getting past all the Apple vs Google religious war nonsense. It’s also cool to see that Google is doing some great TV ads lately for the Nexus 7 and for Chrome.

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Latest iPad TV Ad: Your Verse

This past weekend Apple aired their newest TV ad for the iPad, titled ‘Your Verse’. It’s a longer ad than usual at 90 seconds and features a voiceover that’s a quote from the movie Dead Poets Society.

As usual, the ad shows off numerous ways the iPad can be out to use for work and for creation – and in particular highlights the use of the iPad as a camera. The overall theme follows on from the ‘Pencil’ iPad TV ad and is all about the iPad being a tool that can be used for any purpose imaginable. The Pencil ad ended by saying And we can’t wait to see where you’ll take it next. The new ad finishes with a similar, poetry-inspired line:

What will your verse be?

The YouTube description for the latest ad explains Apple’s thinking behind this series of ads:

We’re humbled and inspired by what people do with iPad. So we set out to capture some of their stories.

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‘Hollywood’ – Latest iPad TV Ad Aired During Academy Awards

Apple debuted their latest new TV ad for the iPad – ‘Hollywood’ – last night during the Academy Awards ceremony. This latest ad follows the new rapid-fire style of the ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’ iPad ads we saw released last week.

Hollywood features a fast scrolling set of keywords related to movies and highlights three of them with a selection of apps that show off the iPad’s ability to work with videos, images, and other things that go intio movie making: Lights, Camera, Action.

This is another typically stylish iPad ad, though I still don’t like this new series as much as the ‘old school’ iPad ads.

I also think that last night Samsung may have outdone Apple – this tablet ad starring Tim Burton is hilarious.

What do you all think? Loving the new iPad ads? What do you think of the Samsung ad?



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Two New iPad TV Ads: ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’

Apple has released tow new TV ads for the iPad over this past weekend. They’re called ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’ – and on YouTube both carry this strapline:

With over 300,000 apps, iPad is up for anything you are.

Both ads are quite different to all the previous iPad ads I’ve seen. They features a rapid-fire display of keywords on a plain white screen, and a focus in on 3 words per ad. Each of the highlighted words is accompanied by a series of sort of app action clips that represent the word. So, for instance, in the Together ad the word ‘wild’ is represented with an Oscar Wilde title being opened in iBooks and a dinosaur crashing against the glass of its enclosure in the Dinosaur Zoo app. The montage for the word ‘together’ finishes off with FaceTime.

It’s good to see the ads are still very much focused on great iPad apps, though I have to say I don’t like them quite as much as the previous, slower-paced, iPad TV ads. Maybe these will grow on me over time/

You can check out both the new ads at this Apple page. What do you all think of them? Do you like the change in style and tempo in these ads?


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Latest iPad TV Ad – All on iPad

Last night Apple started airing their latest US TV ad for the new iPad. This one is titled ‘All on iPad’ and follows the same sort of theme as previous ads for the 3rd-gen iPad – highlighting how everything is more beautiful on the iPad’s retina display.

I saw this new ad a couple times last night while watching the Olympics. It shows off a range of things you can do on the iPad – from reading and tweeting to being productive and making a sale. There’s a great shot of the fantastic Keynote app shown when being productive is mentioned.

The closing line for the ad is:

Do it all more beautifully, with the retina display – on iPad.

I’m still a big fan of these iPad ads – as they’re still very simple and let the iPad and iPad apps do all the talking. How about you guys and gals? What do you think of the latest iPad TV ad?

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Latest New iPad TV Ad – Do It All

Apple’s latest TV ad for the new iPad started airing last night. This one is titled ‘Do It All’ and it showcases a handful of great uses for the iPad.

These range from sending a note and making a point (in a Keynote presentation) to making a masterpiece (in a painting app) or learning something. As ever with the iPad TV ads it does a great job of showing off iPad apps and the wide range of things you can do on an iPad.

The ending line is a good one too:

do it all more beautifully than ever with the stunning Retina display.

What do you all think of this latest iPad TV ad?

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Another Great iPad TV Ad – ‘Now’

Apple have released a new TV ad for the iPad, and it’s another great one. This new one is titled ‘Now’ and it keeps to the short, simple formula of the two previous ads in this series (We Believe and If You Asked).

The 30 second spot has Peter Coyote on the voiceover again and starts by showcasing the multimedia elements in iPad newspapers and magazines and showing off FaceTime.

Now we can watch a newspaper, listen to a magazine … see a phone call …

After a rundown of what can be done now on the device, I especially love the line that the ad ends with, as it pans to a view of the iPad laying flat

Because now there’s this.

There have been a number of great Apple ads for many of their products, but this new iPad series is a real favorite for me.

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The New iPad 2 TV Ad – with Apologies to Guinness, It’s Pure Genius


Last night I saw the new TV ad for the iPad 2 for the first time, and then a couple more times during the night as well. This morning I’ve watched it several more times at the Apple site. Here’s my quick thoughts on it:

I love this ad. Think it’s the best ad they’ve ever done for any of their mobile devices, and that’s some stiff competition too. It may not be the simplest one or the one with the most mass appeal, but as just a poetic and perfect mission statement for the iPad, it is (as the superb Guinness ads used to say) Pure Genius.

Peter Coyote is excellent on the voiceover, and the ad manages to say so much about why the iPad is great in just 46 words. Here they are:

This is what we believe: technology alone is not enough.

Faster, thinner, lighter – those are all good things  … but when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful, even magical.

That’s when you leap forward. That’s when you end up with something … like this.

Brilliant – from the first sentence to the closing line.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here: http://www.apple.com/ipad/

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Latest iPad TV Ad – iPad Is Iconic

Another good iPad commercial hit the TV airwaves last night. This one highlights stories for kids, the iPad’s usefulness for students and teachers, the 60,000 iPad apps in the App Store  now, and a Marilyn Monroe shot in Vanity Fair’s iPad edition – just to make sure the iconic theme comes across full force.

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Latest iPad TV Ad Shows Off New iOS 4.2 Features

Apple’s latest TV commercial for the iPad – titled  ‘iPad Is Amazing’ – shows off three of the headline new features in the recent iOS 4.2 software update. Multi-tasking, AirPlay streaming, and AirPrint are highlighted in the new ad.

I’m a little surprised that they are highlighting AirPrint, which has not come close to delivering what Apple promised it would, and is unusable right now for the vast majority of iPad users.  As in for now there is no support for shared printers, and it is only usable with a very small range of HP printers, without the use of a hack many users will be unaware of.

Seems like by showcasing AirPrint they’re just asking for a lot of tech support calls from disgruntled users.

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Latest iPad TV Ad – Simple, Brilliant

Simple and brilliant, as is so often the case with Apple’s TV ads.  There’s no voiceover at all – just a quick run-through of some of the great things you can do with it, accompanied by descriptive words like delicious, current, playful, literary, artful, productive, and of course … magical.

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