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Latest TV Ad for the iPad 2 – ‘Learn’

Another very nicely done TV commercial for the iPad 2.

This one focuses on some of the excellent educational apps for the iPad, targeted at age ranges from young kids to university students and beyond.

Very nice to see one of the Vito Technology astronomy apps featured.

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Latest iPad TV Ad – iPad Is Iconic

Another good iPad commercial hit the TV airwaves last night. This one highlights stories for kids, the iPad’s usefulness for students and teachers, the 60,000 iPad apps in the App Store  now, and a Marilyn Monroe shot in Vanity Fair’s iPad edition – just to make sure the iconic theme comes across full force.

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Latest iPad TV Ad Shows Off New iOS 4.2 Features

Apple’s latest TV commercial for the iPad – titled  ‘iPad Is Amazing’ – shows off three of the headline new features in the recent iOS 4.2 software update. Multi-tasking, AirPlay streaming, and AirPrint are highlighted in the new ad.

I’m a little surprised that they are highlighting AirPrint, which has not come close to delivering what Apple promised it would, and is unusable right now for the vast majority of iPad users.  As in for now there is no support for shared printers, and it is only usable with a very small range of HP printers, without the use of a hack many users will be unaware of.

Seems like by showcasing AirPrint they’re just asking for a lot of tech support calls from disgruntled users.

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