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How to watch Super Bowl 51 on your iPad


The most watched sporting event of the year and popular American Tradition–the Super Bowl is back again tomorrow as the Atlanta Falcons get set to take on the New England Patriots.  This is the 51st version of the contest which brings the official branding back to being represented by roman numerals.   The use of LI looks pretty awkward, and is not immediately recognizable by many, but tradition is tradition, no matter how out of place it may seem at times.  If you’re not spending the evening at a sports bar or at a friends house and you’re actively looking for an alternative way to watch the Super Bowl, we’re here to help.  This year the Super Bowl will be aired on FOX.  In addition to the main event FOX will also air all the pre-game build-up and analysis starting at 1:50 pm EST.

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Time Warner iPad Streaming TV App Adds 10 More Channels


Time Warner Cable has announced that they’ve added 10 channels to their TWCable TV app for the iPad.  The app provides live streaming of TWC channels to current TWC subscribers over a local WiFi network.

These are the ten channels added, some of them were in the app originally and later removed after disputes with TV networks that produce them:

  • Fox News    
  • Animal Planet
  • FX
  • Sundance Channel
  • National Geographic    
  • Wedding Central
  • Discovery Channel    
  • Lifetime Real Women
  • TLC    
  • Military History Channel

This puts the total number of channels available in the app over 50 now.

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Time Warner’s TV Streaming App for iPad Adds a Few New Channels – Now Over 50 Total


Time Warner has added 7 new channels to its TWCable TV for iPad app this week. The live streaming app has added these channels:

•  Oxygen   
•  History en Español
•  Lifetime
•  Crime & Investigation Network
•  History International   
•  ReelzChannel
•  The Biography Channel  

This brings the total number of channels available in the app to over 50, and TWC is actively working on adding more new channels.

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Time Warner Cable’s Streaming iPad App Loses Some Channels, Adds More


The TWCable TV app for iPad from Time Warner lets you live stream  their TV channels if you’re a TWC subscriber. When it launched on the App Store a couple weeks ago it offered 32 channels. This week it has had to remove access to 12 of those channels, due to legal problems with the networks that own those channels.

Here’s the details on the channels that were removed, via Time Warner’s email on this subject:

Unfortunately, that means that channels from network groups Discovery Communications, Fox Cable, and Viacom will be removed from your iPad lineup, effective immediately.
•  Discovery channels: Animal Planet, Discovery, TLC
•  Fox channels: FX, National Geographic
•  Viacom channels: BET, CMT, Comedy, MTV, Nickelodeon, Spike, VH1

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