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Countdown to iPad – Bedtime Story Reading (Use Case 48)


Once upon a time there was a man named Jobs, Steve Jobs, and he was the man who created this magical, revolutionary device that we’re reading our story on tonight …

Bedtime story reading is always one of the most wonderful blocks of family time – enjoyed by kids and parents alike.  It’s educational and fun, it’s a great way to bring energy levels down at the end of long hard day of being a kid, and it fosters a love of reading – which is such a great thing.

And the iPad is going to be a big contributor to this bedtime routine.  It will not – any time soon – replace printed books.  But it will be another great option on certain evenings when the mood strikes.

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Contest: Tell Us Your Favorite iPad Use Case, Win an Apple iPad Case

Apple iPad Case

One Free Apple iPad Case To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Tuesday March 30, 1:00PM US Central

As many of you know, Russell has been sharing lots of great iPad Use Cases articles over recent weeks.  Hopefully you’ve been enjoying these as much as I have.  He has really given us a veritable banquet table’s worth of food for thought on great ways to use the iPad at work and at play – and he’s still pumping them out!

Now we’d like to hear from you on your favorite iPad use case, and we’ll give a new Apple iPad case to one lucky winner here this Tuesday.  Read on for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win the case …

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