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Want More Protection than Apple’s Warranty for Your iPad 2? Try SquareTrade


If you’ve just got yourself an iPad 2 this weekend and you want to get some excellent extra protection for your thinner / lighter / faster new baby, then you should definitely take a look at SquareTrade.

They provide a level of cover that Apple, and most other warranties, just don’t offer – including damage from drops or liquid damage. And they do it at very attractive rates. In fact, this weekend they’ve got a great 40% off deal going on their already competitive prices. So, for instance, I just got two years of coverage for my iPad 2 for just $71.99. SquareTrade has plans for all the iPad 2 models, as well as the original iPad models.


I’ve written about SquareTrade, and used them myself, more than once in the past – this post is just one example. The short story is that SquareTrade are well-established, get rave reviews from expert sites and users alike, have very good rates, and offer coverage for your iPad (and many other devices) that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

To get in on the massive 40% off deals, hit up the SquareTrade Facebook page to get a coupon code by tomorrow (3/14):


For more details or to buy a warranty go to the SquareTrade site here:


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SquareTrade iPad Warranties 30% Off Today Only


I’m a big believer in SquareTrade warranties for the iPad. Both iPads in our household (my iPad 3G and my wife and daughter’s WiFi model) are covered by two year plans from SquareTrade.

SquareTrade are celebrating their 11th anniversary, and offering all their warranties at 30% off for today only, October 5th (with 20% off rates continuing until October 18). As you can see represented in the graphic above, SquareTrade offers coverage for accidental drops and spills that Apple’s plans do not. Their coverage is the best and most reasonably priced that I’ve come across for iPads and iPhones, and their reviews on Amazon and elsewhere are stellar.

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Got My iPad Fully Covered Now

SquareTrade iPad warranty

I’ve been very impressed with the ‘extra mile’ warranty coverage offered by SquareTrade ever since I first heard details on the company and its offerings.  The very short story is that for iPad and iPhone users, they cover all the major accidental damage sort of things that Apple doesn’t, and at very attractive prices.

I did not get a chance to cover my iPhone 3GS with SquareTrade because I only learned about them when too much time had passed since I purchased it to be eligible for coverage – but yesterday I got my iPad covered for two years by SquareTrade, for just under $90 (pre-tax) and I’m very happy to have got that done.

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