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Apps Designed for iPhone 4 Will Fill the iPad Screen

iOS 4 apps on iPad screen

It seems obvious in retrospect to consider that apps designed for iPhone 4 will nearly fill an iPad display. Conversely, iPad apps will nearly fit into the new phone’s Retina display without modification.

The iOS app developer of Make Coffee depicts on its site how apps with a native resolution version designed for iPhone 4 will look on iPad (below); it’s the same as a pixel doubled version of a standard iPhone app, but in high resolution of course.

That’s very good news – as nearly all iPad owners I’ve talked to are not fond at all of current iPhone apps on the iPad, and most say they have very few non-iPad / universal apps left on their devices.  This should change that scenario quite a bit I think.

Via: Apple Insider

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Scaled-up iPhone Apps Handling Photos Well on iPad?

Flickr app on iPad

Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted earlier saying:

Interesting. Scaled up iPhone apps draw photos at native resolution on iPad? Apparent in the MobileMe galley app

If I’m understanding his point correctly, my quick little trial of this confirms the same sort of results.  The NASA app at 2X mode on the iPad takes a moment, but shows images fairly well.  Images in the official Flickr app look very good – and certainly far better than the text on the page with them.

So apparently at least some pixel-doubled iPhone apps are capable of handling photos quite well?  What sort of results do you all see with photos in your iPhone apps on the iPad?

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