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More on iPhone OS 4 & New Features for iPad

OS 4 preview event

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Apple’s big preview event yesterday for the upcoming new iPhone OS 4.0 gave us a rundown of its hottest new features.  Since iPhone OS is run by both the iPad and the iPhone, OS 4.0 is the next major operating system upgrade for both devices. The iPhone will get it this summer, while it will come to the iPad in the fall.  I’m still not sure why there’s a delay in making it available for the iPad.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest new feature in OS 4 is multitasking – or, in reality, a major expansion of the multitasking capabilities, which have previously been limited to just a select few Apple apps.

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Multitasking Coming to iPad with iPhone OS 4.0, in the Fall


Multitasking is coming to the iPad soon, via a free operating system update

So … one bit of fantastic news for the iPad today.  Multitasking will be coming to it via the iPhone OS 4.0 update (iPhone OS is the operating system that both the iPad and the iPhone run) – which was previewed at Apple’s big event today.  See our sister site for heaps of great coverage on the Apple event and what we learned: http://justanotheriphoneblog.com/

The not quite so fantastic news is that the iPad has to wait longer for the OS 4.0 update than the iPhone.  The iPhone will get the update ‘this summer’ and the iPad ‘this fall. Still, hopefully that means right around 6 months from now.

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iPhone OS 4.0 Preview This Thursday

iPhone PS 4.0 preview

Apple’s holding an event this Thursday – April 8th – to preview the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0

Oh boy – this it turning into a ‘no time to catch your breath’ sort of week.  The iPad hit the stores, and now Apple’s going to grace us with a preview of the next major operating system update that will be applied to both iPad and iPhone. 

This is cause for major excitement as well (if any of us have the capacity for that after these last few weeks) – since many of us have big expectations for what iPhone OS 4.0 will deliver.  Biggest of those being a greater level of multitasking ability – including the ability to let at least some 3rd party apps run in the background and some elegant way to switch between running apps smoothly and quickly.

More on iPhone OS 4 wish lists later – what we know for now it that the Apple event is set for this Thursday at 10AM Pacific time.  I’ll certainly be tuning in to all the usual liveblog spots that cover it (will post details for those before Thursday).

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