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Prepping for Your iPhone X- Setting Up for Success

[Update: If like me, you are on a beta version of iOS and got your iPhone X today, then you are out of luck. There are no iOS 11.2 beta versions available for the X yet. This means you will NOT be able to restore from a backup until one is released. Your only other option would be to downgrade your older device, back it up, and restore from that file.

This is a bad move from Apple that completely ignores developers and power users. I hope they rectify this later today.]

Tomorrow is the big day! iPhone Xs will be showing up in the hands of users and the real fun will begin. Well, at least for those who take care of a few things first. For those who don’t, there may be a lot of sitting and waiting involved. The wise among you will take a little time to think about how you are going to setup your new iPhone, because some of the steps may take a little time without some preparation.

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