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Genius Section Added to iTunes on iPad


Apple has given the iTunes store on iPad and iOS a nice new feature over recent days. They’ve added the Genius feature for recommendations.

To see it on the iPad, just open up iTunes, tap the Music tab at the far left of the bottom nav bar, and then tap on the Genius tab at the top of the Music screen. It should show you some handy song and album recommendations – because let’s face it, we all need to be spending more in Apple’s stores. Smile

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Ping Now Part of iTunes on the iPad – Hurray?


Apple has apparently been updating the backend of the iTunes app for iPad, and they’ve added support for their new social service, Ping.

The full Ping experience is present as a tab on the iPad iTunes app and it includes your feed, who you follow, who follows you, a look at your profile, and even a section dedicated to concerts. … The concerts section shows you local concerts, who is on tour, which concerts you say you are attending, and even links to purchase tickets at ticketmaster.com.

There’s also Twitter integration, to throw up tweets when you like or comment on something within Ping.

So far I haven’t done much at all with Ping (followed a couple groups, haven’t looked for friends on it etc), so I imagine this may be very good news for those with iPads who are big users of Ping. Is there anyone out there who fits that description? Smile

News Via: 9to5Mac

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