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iPad Rivals: Motorola Xoom Sales a (tiny) Fraction of iPad’s


The Motorola Xoom was meant to be a serious contender in the tablet arena. It was one of the first 10-inch tablets to run the Android Honeycomb OS (the first one designed specifically for tablets), it supports Flash, and it was thought to be a potential serious rival for the iPad.

Not so much it seems now. After lackluster reviews, sales of the device are a tiny fraction of those of the iPad, as reported this week by Apple Insider.

Motorola stated that it shipped 440,000 tablets in the most recent quarter, ahead of analyst expectations of just 366,000 but far lower than the 9.41 million iPads Apple sold in its most recent quarter.

Even leaving aside the question of shipped vs. actually sold, those are miniscule numbers when compared to the iPad. Just for a little context, Apple sold 9.25 *million* iPads last quarter. If my (generally terrible) math is correct that means that in an entire quarter Motorola sold around 15% as many tablets as Apple sold in a month.

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Xoom Xoom – New Tablet Can’t Load Its Own Website


Marvelous. Apparently the Adobe Flash Player is ‘not yet available’ for the tablet.

Thanks to Jerry Knaus for uploading his pair of ‘Xoom Irony’ images to Flickr, and for allowing me to share this one. Check out Jerry’s stream here:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/with/5475257624/

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Droid Doesn’t – Xoom Tablet Features Killer New Flash Support, Except No It Doesn’t


Here’s one of the supposedly killer new features of the soon to be released Motorola Xoom tablet:

Supports Adobe Flash Player for optimal browsing

And here’s the one little hitch with that – it looks like it will not be included when the device launches:

A bit of tiny text on the product page says "Adobe Flash expected Spring 2011," presumably meaning that Moto’s waiting for Adobe to roll out the mobile-optimized Flash 10.2 before supporting it.

I think if Apple execs sat around dreaming up evil plots to kill off iPad rivals, they couldn’t come up with anything better than what real life is offering up. Nothing like arriving nearly a year after the device you want to compete with, offering maybe one major feature that that rival doesn’t have, and then failing to have it ready for launch day. Zoom zoom Xoom.

News Via: Gizmodo

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Xoom Android Tablet to Launch at Best Buy This Week


It looks like Motorola’s Xoom tablet is set to launch this week at Best Buy Stores. Best Buy’s online store has a page up for it, that shows it as available in stores this coming Thursday, February 24.

The Xoom is one of the first real iPad competitors, as only the second rival tablet device to hit the market running an operating system actually designed for tablets. Here are its key features:

  • Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), designed specifically for tablets
  • Large 10.1" widescreen HD display
  • Super-fast, dual-core processor for advance performance and superior graphics
  • Front- and rear-facing cameras
  • Multitask with ease and PC-like performance
  • Full-functioning HD camcorder for great videos
  • Supports Adobe Flash Player for optimal browsing
  • Monthly 3G Verizon Wireless rate plans available (3G upgradable to 4G LTE)
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi networks*
  • Variety of Motorola XOOM accessories available online and in store

Best Buy has the Xoom listed at $799.99 – and you can see all the details on it, as well as some accessories for it, HERE.

Those are some good hardware specs, though of course it will be interesting to see how they stack up against the iPad 2 when it is released. It’s also interesting to see just a single model offered with a substantially higher price than the ‘entry level’ iPad (though it offers 3G which the lowest-priced iPad does not).

News Via: Gizmodo

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Motorola Superbowl Ad Rips the iPad, Anonymously

Nice teaser trailer for their ‘Goodbye 1984’ ad for the upcoming Motorola Xoom tablet, and supposed major iPad rival. Just in case you missed it, here’s some of the blurb that goes with the theme:

2011 looks a lot like 1984. One authority. One design. One way to work.
It’s time for more choices. It’s time to explore. It’s time to live a free life.

And the alternative is … da dun da dun … a product that doesn’t actually exist yet. The bright future of tablets, as soon as they can actually get it out on the market. It’s not like they’re nearly a year behind or anything.

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