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Best Free iPad App of the Week: NASA App HD


Our choice for Best Free iPad App of the Week is an easy one this week: NASA App HD. NASA App HD is the official NASA app for the iPad of course; and what better week to feature it than this one that included yesterday’s historic space shuttle launch.

You’ll find lots of superb content relating to yesterday’s shuttle launch in the app – amazing images, videos of the launch prep and launch itself in case you didn’t get a chance to see it, and lots more.

I’ve always thought the NASA apps (for both iPhone and iPad) are tremendously well done; with lots of slick features, spectacular content, and a nice, simple interface to help you enjoy all of it.

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NASA App HD for iPad Now Supports AirPlay Video


AirPlay – and AirPlay video in particular – is one of my favorite new iPad and iOS features. NASA’s iPad app – NASA App HD – is one of my favorite family / education apps on the iPad.

So I’m happy to see that NASA App HD now supports AirPlay video. Now we can check out watch some of the great NASA videos on the big HD screen via the iPad.

I’m also very glad to see that the pace of apps adding AirPlay video support is starting to pick up a bit.

Here’s an App Store link for NASA App HD; it’s a free app.

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NASA App HD – One Giant Leap for iPad NASA Fans


NASA App HD is just what it sounds like.  It’s an iPad app that’s all about NASA and space exploration.  There has been a very impressive NASA app on the iPhone for nearly a year now, and it’s great to see a big, beautiful version for the iPad.

Hit the break for a quick rundown of some of the app’s cool features and lots of screenshots …

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