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Review: SPIGEN Folio S Case for the New iPad

SPIGEN Folio for iPad

The SPIGEN Folio S Case for the new iPad is the second SPIGEN case I’ve used. Last month I did a review of the SPIGEN SGP Sleeve for the new iPad and I was very impressed with it. Now I’ve also spent some time using the Folio S case for the new iPad and the short story is that I’m quite impressed again.


SPIGEN describes the Folio S like so:

The SPIGEN Folio.S Case is a finely hand-crafted folio style case, made of high-quality genuine leather. Case features very slim yet sturdy protection for the new iPad.

As the name suggests, it’s a folio style case that offers protection for the front, back, and sides of the new iPad. Like nearly all folio cases it doubles as a stand and offers stand angles for viewing and typing.

The case comes in brown or dark brown and is priced at $91.99. My review unit – shown above and throughout this post – is the brown model.

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Review: CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for New iPad / iPad 2

CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for New iPad

The CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for the New iPad / iPad 2 was one of the first cases I saw available for the new 2012 iPad, and one of the first ones I ordered. It’s one of a number of new iPad cases I’ve had around and been using for a while and I’m going to try to crank out reviews for a number of them soon – starting with this one.


The CaseCrown Bold Standby comes in three colors – black, purple, and red. I got a black one. It’s made of genuine leather and has an interior lining made of soft, non-scratch material. Here’s its feature list via the CaseCrown page for it:

-Built-in magnetic strip provides sleep/wake feature
-Cover has flip capability to transform the case into a horizontal viewing stand
-Open interior pocket for easy insertion of new iPad / iPad 2 and velcro flap to secure it in place
-Made from genuine leather
-Colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and color settings

I bought this case on Amazon back in March for $25. It’s listed at the CaseCrown site today at $41.95. See below the end of the review for purchasing links.

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Review: Marware C.E.O. Hybrid Case for the new 2012 iPad

C.E.O. Hybrid Case for New iPad

I’ve had a Marware C.E.O. Hybrid case for both the original iPad and the iPad 2. They are quite good, versatile cases. They’ve never been my favorites, but I’ve kept them around as solid options and my daughter still uses one on the original iPad.

So naturally when the C.E.O. Hybrid Case for the New (2012) iPad came out, I ordered one without hesitation. I’ve had it for a good number of days now and have been putting it to good use, and also comparing it with another case for the new iPad that is awfully similar to the CEO Hybrid but priced at less than half the price of Marware’s case – the Moko Slim Fit Folio Stand Case.

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Review: Moko Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case for the New 2012 iPad – Very Nice Case for Under $20

Moko Slim-Fit for 2012 iPad

I’ve had my new 2012 iPad (or iPad 3) for over two weeks now, having acquired it on launch day – and of course I’ve been looking out for good cases for it since before the iPad was even in my hands. The Moko Slim-Fit Folio Stand for the new iPad (and iPad 2) is one of the first I have tried.

I’ve had the case for nearly two weeks now and have had a chance to use it quite a lot. The short story on it is that it’s a heck of a good case for the 2012 iPad – especially for its price point of under $20. It’s made of PU leather (an inauspicious term if ever there was one), which is defined like so by Wikipedia:

Bicast leather (also known as bycast leather, split leather or PU. leather) is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed. Bycast was originally made for the shoe industry for glossy shoes, and recently was adopted by the furniture industry. The resulting product has an artificially consistent texture that is easier to clean and maintain.

It actually feels pretty nice. Not luxurious or soft like some more expensive padded leather cases, but it’s comfortable and feels like it’s well made.

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Marware’s Lineup of Cases for the new iPad Now Available

CEO Hybrid for New iPad

Marware have got a lineup of cases for the new iPad available to order now, including their popular C.E.O. Hybrid case. I did a review of the C.E.O. Hybrid for the iPad 2 last year, and it’s a very good, versatile iPad case.

Here are the brief descriptions for the new lineup of Marware cases for the 2012 iPad:

— The C.E.O Hybrid: A low-profile case for the new iPad with an automatic sleep/wake lid, adjustable stand and hand strap.

— MicroShell Case for the new iPad: A sleek, ultra-thin polycarbonate shell case for the new iPad that is compatible with the Apple Smart Cover.

— EcoVue Case for the new iPad: An eco-leather case for the new iPad that stands in two angles and features a sleep/wake lid.

— MicroShell Folio Case for the new iPad: An ultra-thin case for the new iPad featuring a hard back shell fused to an automatic sleep/wake lid that stands.

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