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OT: Slower Posting for a Bit


I won’t be posting much today or perhaps for a few days here.  Just found out this morning that my lovely Labrador, my Chief Deputy Dawg Editor here, has to be euthanized – probably tomorrow.

He’s not that old a dog (7.5 years old) but he’s been very ill for a couple weeks now.  I’m very shocked and very sad of course.  I’ve had dogs all through my life, but none as gentle and sweet (and wonderful with my daughter and kids) as this guy.  I’ll miss him tons.

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OT: 2010 Ars Design Awards for Mac Apps

Transmit 4

Because Apple is only accepting iProduct apps this year for the 2010 Apple Design Awards, Ars picked up the slack and is doing their own Mac software awards.

Great idea, and a very good set of winners.  Four of my favorite Mac apps were among the winners: Transmit 4 (a great FTP app) 1Password (best password manager on Mac and iPhone/iPad), Dropbox (best online file backup/sync app ever), and Tweetie for Mac (excellent Twitter client). 

Check out all the winners at Ars: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2010/06/2010-ars-design-award-winners-for-mac-os-x-software.ars

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