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I’m Still Waiting For That Perfect Photo Extension on iOS 9

iOS 9 photo extension

I’ve been waiting quite a while for photo extensions to really come into their own on iOS. They were first introduced in the iOS 8 keynote in 2014, and they promised a way for you to do more of your editing right within the Photos app. I really like this idea, since Photos are where all of my media is stored on iOS. It isn’t just an app, it’s a storage location for my media. Empowering the Photos app to help me add extra details like grain, highlight colouring, and brush-on exposure changes would save me a lot of time. I could use Photos’ built-in controls for basic photo tweaking, and then add final touches with photo extensions like the one VSCO demo’ed at WWDC.

Unfortunately, that never came to pass. Many photo editing apps neglect photo extensions entirely, either due to technical limitations or to require you to spend more time in the actual apps. VSCO never did come out with a photo extension, and the extensions I have been able to try haven’t offered me the filter flexibility I’ve been seeking. Camera+ offers a lot of options, but their filters always feel a little too heavy-handed. Afterlight is a little lighter on the Filter effects, but I felt like I had to apply too many layers of filters to get results that I liked.

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