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Pocket Informant for iPad – Release Getting Close

Pocket Informant for iPad tweet

I just noticed this tweet in amongst all the iOS 4 and World Cup talk.  That looks like good news for those awaiting an iPad compatible version of the Pocket Informant (PI) app.

PI is a leading tasks and calendar management for the iPhone and many other mobile platforms.  I’m sure it will be a strong and popular app on the iPad as well, and it sounds like we don’t have much longer to wait before we see it.

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Plans for Pocket Informant for iPad

Pocket Informant iPhone app

Pocket Informant has been an award-winning and stellar PIM (Personal Information Manager) on various mobile platforms for many years.  It was an essential app for me for many years on Windows Mobile.  The iPhone version of the app offers powerful calendar and task management abilities and a slew of features.

This is another app that should translate very well for the iPad.  And fortunately the app’s developers have definite plans for bringing it to the iPad. 

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