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How To Import Instapaper Articles into Pocket

Pocket iPad app

Pocket and Instapaper are two excellent read-it-later apps / services for the iPad, iOS and beyond. I’ve used both services for years, but for the last year or so I’ve been using Pocket a lot more than Instapaper.

So a tip on how to import Instapaper articles into Pocket, from Whitson Gordon at Lifehacker, caught my eye this morning. Since Pocket is the app I look at regularly, it seems a fine idea to pull my Instapaper saved articles into it. And it’s super easy to do. Here’s a few things to be aware of before starting:

— Instapaper export note: If you have more than 2,000 articles, only the most recent 2,000 will be included.

— Pocket Import Note: Instapaper’s export does not provide a list of what items you have ‘liked’ or ‘favorited’. As a result, your ‘liked’ items have been imported into your Pocket archive but will not be marked as favorite.

— It’s also worth mentioning that imported Instapaper articles will go right to the top of your Pocket listing of articles. In an ideal world, I would have preferred them to flow into Pocket based on the date of the items, which would’ve placed them much farther down.

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