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Pulse News Reader for iPad Now Free

Pulse News Reader for iPad

Pulse News Reader – the popular app that has a new take on news reading on the iPad – has become a free app. The developers have got venture capital funding, so this should be a permanent move to free, though it may be ad-supported in future.

The app is well-known and well-liked for its graphics-heavy, magazine style approach to following your RSS news feeds. I’ve tried the app and like some of its approach, but the limited number of feeds supported is a stumbling block for me.

You can find Pulse News Reader in the App Store now, with its new ‘Free’ price tag.

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Pulse News Reader App for iPad Updated & Looking Good


The Pulse News Reader app for the iPad has recently been update, to Version 2.0. Pulse is one of the leading examples of a sort of new breed of news and RSS feed apps for iOS; ones where there is a much more magazine-like feel to the apps. Here’s a little slice of its App Store description:

Pulse is a visual news reader for your iPad. It takes the news sources you follow, and instantly creates a visual mosaic of your news.

I thought Pulse looked interesting when it initially launched, but it was limited to 15 feeds for its RSS sources and I subscribe to over 200 so it was a no-go for me. The 2.0 update is exciting to me because it now allows up to 60 sources across 5 pages (to organize content).

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NewsRack vs Pulse News Reader: 2 RSS apps for iPad

You won’t believe me, but I swear that I bought Pulse, an app that displays RSS feeds in a horizontal/vertical graphic navigation, completely by accident.

No, it’s never happened before. I was innocently browsing around the iPad RSS reader apps in the store when, before I knew it, my finger had already clicked and clicked and I saw the familiar “purchasing…” message in iTunes. Hmm. Now that I had it, I might as well check it out. I then proceeded to purchase NewsRack, because of good reviews I’d read about it. Now was my chance to see how which app would feed my feed addiction (get it?) in a better way. The result is quite surprising. Continue reading

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