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Real Racing 2 Update Will Bring 4-Player Split Screen Racing to AirPlay Mirroring

Real Racing 2 HD already looks outstanding in iOS 5 AirPlay Mirroring to a big TV. Now Firemint, the developers of Real Racing, have announced that an update to the game that is coming soon will add a new ‘Party Play’ feature.

Party Play takes AirPlay to the next level of iOS gaming, facilitating wireless local multiplayer for up to 4 players simultaneously in a split screen display output to your HD TV using an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S as the host. Play in the comfort of your own home and experience the joy of championship racing with iOS 5.

That looks like big fun. And this update should be out soon after iOS 5 is released (on 10/12).

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Real Racing 2 HD Updated Again


Real Racing 2 HD – one of the very best racing games for the iPad – has had another update today, to Version 1.11.03.

Here’s the list of fixes and enhancements in this latest update:

Race replay
* Optimized performance and fixed a visual issue relating to camera changes.
Online multiplayer
* Entering/exiting the lobby no longer resets track votes.
* Addressed a rare issue that resulted in erratic vehicle movement.
* Game server stability enhancements.
* New button to indicate the availability of In-App Purchase.
* Steering assist improvements.
* Various crash fixes.

This is another great example of a stellar app that is frequently updated. I’m running the latest iOS 5 beta on my iPad 2 and I gave this game a quick look on AirPlay Mirroring the other night – big, big fun.

Here’s an App Store link for Real Racing 2 HD; it’s currently priced at $6.99.

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Real Racing 2 HD Gets an Update Focused on Multiplayer & Security


Real Racing 2 HD – the superb racing game for the iPad – has been updated this weekend, to Version 1.11.01.

The focus in this update is on improvements to multiplayer elements of the game and security upgrades to thwart ‘malicious’ drivers and ensure ‘fairer and more competitive races’. Good stuff.

Here’s the full change list for the new version:

    • Significant multiplayer improvements:
    • Preventative measures to counteract wall-riding.
    • Fairer track selection and new track voting system.
    • Visual indicators for drivers with high latency.
    • Reduced teleporting and other artifacts caused by high latency.
    • New method to minimize the impact of malicious and extremely high latency drivers.
    • Leaderboards now display a graph of personal best results.
    • Result times will no longer appear as “0:00:00″.

As always, good to see an already popular and leading app continue to improve. Here’s an App Store link for Real Racing 2 HD; it’s priced at $9.99.

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Real Racing 2 HD To Be First iPad Game with Support for Wireless Gaming Over AirPlay


Real Racing 2 HD is set to be the first iPad game to support full screen wireless gaming over AirPlay.

Exciting news from Firemint, the developers of Real Racing games for iPad, today.

At Monday’s WWDC 2011 keynote event it emerged that AirPlay Mirroring will be possible in the upcoming iOS 5. Real Racing 2 HD will take this a step further:

This isn’t just mirroring – you’ll be able to play Real Racing 2 HD on your big screen without a cable, while your iPad 2 displays racing telemetry in real-time. No black borders, no wires – just iOS racing at its finest.

We see AirPlay as a real game-changer. It allows us to bring a fresh, never-before-seen level of freedom to Real Racing 2 HD. Combined with the precision steering and brilliant 3D visuals made possible by iPad 2′s phenomenal hardware, Real Racing 2 HD over AirPlay promises an experience you’ll have to play to believe.

I’m already a huge fan of AirPlay video and HDMI mirroring is pretty cool too. Putting AirPlay and Mirroring together sounds awesome to me. Even as someone who is not a big gamer at all, the possibilities here sound tremendous. iOS 5 can’t come out soon enough.

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EA Aquires iOS Games Developer Firemint

File this under disappointing news of the day. According to TechCrunch, EA has purchased the very popular Australian iOS game developer Firemint. The company boasts a workforce of 60 employees, and is best known for their games Real Racing 1 and 2, and Flight Control.

All of these titles had a high degree of polish, and have been updated several times since their respective releases. In fact, Real Racing 2 HD saw a notable update a couple of weeks ago that added 1080p video output using Apple’s new Digital AV Connector and an HDMI cable. It was the first game in the App Store to include this feature.

That is what bothers me the most about this news. Firemint was a developer known for pushing the envelope of what iOS devices can do. Real Racing 2 was one of the first games in the App Store to really show off the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, and I have already mentioned their latest innovation on the iPad 2. These innovations are what mobile platforms need, but unfortunately, innovation certainly isn’t one of EA’s hallmarks.

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Real Racing 2 HD for iPad Now Lets You Play in 1080p on HD TVs


Real Racing 2 HD now lets you play in 1080p on an HD TV via mirroring from an iPad 2.

Using the phenomenal power of iPad 2, Real Racing 2 HD smoothly renders a stunning 1080p image to your TV while displaying your position, lap times and speed on its own screen. Seamless connectivity means you can disconnect and reconnect effortlessly without interrupting your gaming experience.

OK, we’ve known for a while now this was coming, but it is still tremendously cool to see it in action. The smooth handling of connecting and disconnecting sounds especially slick.

I just did the update to Real Racing 2 HD that enables this feature this morning, and had a quick look at the 1080p mirroring. It’s pretty much just as good as expected – at least from a quick initial look. I’ve only tried a quick race so far but I’m looking forward to some serious racing later on when I have some time.

Here’s the list of requirements for using this new feature of Real Racing 2 HD:

    • iPad 2 with Real Racing 2 HD (version 1.10 or later) installed
    • Apple digital AV adapter
    • HDMI cable
    • HDMI compatible display (example: HDTV capable of full 1080p)

And here’s an App Store link for Real Racing 2 HD; it’s priced at $9.99.

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Real Racing 2 HD for iPad To Add Support for Full Screen 1080p Output

Here’s some great news for iPad gamers, from the folks at Firemint, makers of Real Racing 2 HD for iPad:

Support for full screen 1080p output on iPad 2 will be included in the next major update for Real Racing 2 HD. At this resolution, the game looks utterly fantastic and runs at a silky smooth 30 frames per second. The dream of relaxing on your couch, iPad 2 as your steering wheel in hand and playing Real Racing 2 HD on your big screen is almost here!

Real Racing 2 HD will be the first iOS game to support this new feature. This is great news not just for users of this excellent game, but for gaming on the iPad and iOS in general – as other games will surely be following suit very soon.

It’s also likely good news for the sales numbers for Apple’s HDMI cable for use with the iPad 2.

I’ve been meaning to post on this for ages, so apologies that it’s not the freshest of news by now.

Via: Firement

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