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SaharaCase Protective Kit Makes a Solid Starter Case for the iPhone X

Have you ever found yourself spending money on a case that you absolutely knew you wouldn’t keep using right when you get a new iPhone? I know I have. In my years as an iPhone user, I have found that there are case people and “naked” people when it comes to smartphone users. Most are one or the other, and from what I know, this usually doesn’t change. You are what you are, I guess. I fall somewhere on the case side, myself.

Some people don’t care what their phones look like or if the screen collects a crack here and there, and others will attempt to encase their phone in carbonite to prevent anything from ever coming into direct contact with the device, including their own fingers. If you fall on the case person side, then you are probably working on getting one for your iPhone X as I type this. I’m with you, as I ordered mine yesterday.

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