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Skyfire Web Browser for iPad (with Flash support) Coming Very Soon

Skyfire Web Browser

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad has been submitted to Apple for approval – so we should see it hitting the App Store within the next few days.

Skyfire is the hugely popular new browser app that allows Flash content to be played on iOS devices, by doing the conversion to iOS-allowed formats on their servers. The iPhone version of the app has already been approved by Apple and has been a big hit, so presumably the iPad version should sail through the approval process quickly.

Apparently the folks at Skyfire have got a few little extras for the iPad version as well …

Skyfire want the iPad version to be a more fun, connected experience, therefore they’ve put aFacebook and Twitter share button at the bottom of the screen, and another that displays updates from those two services.  The same applies to Google Reader.  A new feature they call Fireplace adds only links shared by your friends, opening any selected in a new tab.

Look for Skyfire for iPad to hit the App Store anytime now, maybe even this weekend.

I’ve not tried Skyfire at all yet, as I honestly just don’t find myself missing Flash content on my iPad or iPhone. I know lots of users do though, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on Skyfire once you see it in action on your iPad.

News Via: iPhoneFreak

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Skyfire Web Browser Coming to iPad


The folks at Skyfire are working on a version of their Skyfire Web Browser for iPad, as you can see in their tweet above. Skyfire is the browser app – recently launched for the iPhone – that translates Flash video on the fly into HTML 5 format so that it can be played on the iPhone.

I tried the app out recently on my iPhone 4 and found that, though it does what is says on the box (lets you see Flash video on the iPhone), it is pretty slow and not a great pleasure to use just yet, though your mileage may well vary depending on how much you have missed Flash video on your iPhone.

For the latest news from Skyfire, and their upcoming iPad app, you can follow them on twitter: @skyfire.

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