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Review: iPad Stabile Stand – 4 Pounds of iPad Stand


I’m a big fan of iPad stands. I use the iPad continuously throughout my work day, so having it close at hand in a good stand is very useful for me. The Stabile iPad Stand from Thoughtout is four pounds worth of ever-so-solid iPad stand – so I was interested as soon as I saw my friend Larry Greenberg’s review of it, and ordered one right away.

I got mine early this week and it has been a fixture on my desktop ever since I unpacked it – and of course I’ve got some thoughts to share on it. Hit the break for those and some shots of the four-pound beast in action …

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Featured iPad Accessory: Stabile iPad Stand


Stabile iPad Stand

OK, as I’ve admitted here before, I like iPad stands. Like them a lot, possibly a tad more than you should. I have three favorite iPad stands already – and seeing this one reviewed by my friend Larry Greenberg’s RunaroundTech site  makes me feel like I could soon have four.

It’s four pounds of steel. Stable, solid steel too apparently – and that’s my favorite kind when it comes to iPad stands.

Kidding aside, I really like having a good, solid iPad stand on my desk, and I love how this one is generously proportioned enough to allow for using just about any case with it. Here’s the list of key features for it:

    • Solid American steel, nearly 4 lbs.
    • Anti-tip low and user focused center of gravity
    • Artistic shape and design without or with a case or skin
    • Proven 55° viewing angle in portrait or landscape
    • Spilt back™ cable management
    • Finish
      • Silver – Matching Apple keyboard
      • White – Low texture
      • Black – Low texture
    • 4 holding pad locations (Santoprene 3M) available as spare part
    • 4 stabilization non-skid black feet (Polyurethane 3M) available as spare part
    • iPad 2, iPad Original

These are made in the USA, in the state I grew up in (Connecticut) by a company called Thoughtout. I’ve requested a review unit. If you want to see more details or place an order (they go for $49.99) see the Thoughtout page for them here: http://www.thoughtout.biz/products/Stabile.html

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