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Stephen Fry – Coming to the iPad Soon!


So far as this site is concerned, stephenfry.com – we have plans to develop and enhance. In a few weeks we launch an iPad app on which you can read blogs, blessays, microblogs and other pieces of writing that I publish to this site. We’re testing it at this moment and I’m very pleased with the smooth flow and finish of it.

Now that’s very some very good news.  Stephen Fry is an excellent novelist, essay (or blessay) writer, comedian, sitcom writer, and just all-round brilliant person.  A ‘ridiculously multi-faceted’  (to borrow a phrase from Jeff Van Gundy when describing Pau Gasol last night) bloke – and also a huge gadget and techie geek who writes wonderful, in-depth articles on many mobile devices.

I can’t wait to see his iPad app.

Via: Stephenfry.com

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Recommended: Stephen Fry’s iPad Accessories Unboxing


Stephen Fry has a nice, quick iPad unboxing video up.  It’s an interesting one because he spends very little time on the iPad itself and shows off several of the Apple iPad accessories – including the keyboard dock and the case.

I’m still wondering whether we’ll see any of these available in the Apple stores on Saturday – last time I called my local one they had no idea yet whether they’d have any.

Check out Fry’s unboxing HERE

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Stephen Fry’s First Impressions of the iPad


Image Source: gdgt

Stephen Fry – the comedian, actor, novelist, Guardian Technology columnist, blogger, cricket fan, and all-around fantastically brilliant person – has a great blog post up with his initial thoughts on the iPad.  He was one of those fortunate few who were at the iPad launch event last week and got a chance to give it a spin after the presentation.

He was more than a little impressed by the new device.  Here’s a little slice of his thoughts on it, which followed on from some talk of how, as with the iPad, there were plenty of naysayers when the V1 iPhone was launched:

… could they not see that this device was gorgeous, beautifully made, very powerful and capable of development into something extraordinary? I see those qualities in the iPad. Like the first iPhone, iPad 1.0 is a John the Baptist preparing the way of what is to come, but also like iPhone 1.0 (and Jokanaan himself too come to that) iPad 1.0 is still fantastic enough in its own right to be classed as a stunningly exciting object, one that you will want NOW and one that will not be matched this year by any company.

As far as recommendations go for mobile gadgets, one from Stephen Fry is always one that’s worth its weight in gold in my book – very glad to see he’s keen on the iPad.  Whenever you have a chance, go read all his thoughts on the iPad and its launch event, here:


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