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100 Best Soccer Goals for iPad – Candidate for Worst App Ever


I’m a big soccer fan. Or I should say football fan, who only ever grudgingly uses the word soccer. So an iPad app called 100 Best Soccer Goals caught my eye this week and without any real hesitation or thought I installed it. Bad call. A straight red card level of bad call.

This is one of the very worst apps I’ve ever seen make it into the App Store. Read on for the gory details on why this app is so terrible, or just mark it down on your blacklist of apps to avoid if you prefer …

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One More Thing about the iDisplay App


Having spent stupid amounts of time, and gone through untold amounts of frustration, courtesy of the not-at-all-ready for primetime iDisplay app, and after around 36 hours of recovering from the mess made by the app, I have one further observation about it.  Or at least one more that is postable at a family friendly site.

I’ve heard many folks talk about forgiving some iPad apps’ 1.0 bugs because most developers did not yet have hardware prior to releasing their first versions – but worked just with a simulator.  The thing is, the immense damage that iDisplay inflicted on me was all to my MacBook Pro.  It was their desktop app that caused stupid amounts of hassle and unwanted system changes.  

So yeah, they had the hardware – no simulator needed, just a Mac. For me, this makes their app’s appalling ‘performance’ even more unforgivable.  Read through the App Store reviews on this app – you’ll see there are tons of users shouting about it wrecking their systems.  And they DID have the hardware prior to releasing this.

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