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TV Networks Not Happy About Time Warner’s Live Streaming App for the iPad?


Uh-oh. Looks like TV networks are not happy about Time Warner Cable’s new TWCable TV app for the iPad, which offers 32 channels of live streaming TV.

According to BusinessInsider, TV networks are heated about the new Time Warner iPad app, which theoretically streams 32 channels of live television to the Apple tablet.

We’ve heard from an industry source that cease and desists are already getting sent to Time Warner Cable because of the app.

The issue seems to be that the networks see iPad streaming as a different service than cable TV, and therefore want to control the rights — and negotiate terms, and possibly a fee — for those rights.

Hopefully Time Warner can work out some sort of deal to appease the networks – as this is quite a nice app.

Source: Business Insider via Gizmodo

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Quick Look: TWCable TV for iPad – Time Warner Cable’s New Live Streaming App Looks Good

TWCable TV for iPad

TWCable TV is a new iPad app from Time Warner Cable – that provides live streaming of TV shows from a selected range of TWC channels. You need to be a Time Warner Cable video subscriber to use the app, and have a username and password registered with them as well. I had never done this before but was able to do it from within the app when trying it out today.

I haven’t used many live streaming TV apps, but I gave this one a try as we use Time Warner Cable at home and we’re pretty happy with their basic cable package.

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