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Twitterrific for iPad Gets a Big Update, Doesn’t Fix Connection Errors

Twitterrific for iPad update

Twitterrific for iPad had a big update released last night, to Version 1.1.  The update adds support for picture and video uploading and custom image upload services. There is a long list of additions, improvements and bug fixes contained in this update – but it’s interesting to note that the app’s odd rogue connection errors are still around.

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Twitterrific for iPad Startup Error – Everyone Seeing This?

Twitterrific for iPad startup error

Every time I launch Twitterrific for iPad I see the same error – the one shown above saying ‘Twitter API Error – The Twitter servers are currently unavailable. Please try again later.’

It’s a rogue error though.  I can jump to Tweetie on my iPhone or Mac, or Twitter via a browser, and see no connection issues.  Twitterrific itself also connects just fine of I hit the Refresh button on the main timeline immediately after OKing the error.  So, this is not a huge deal – but it’s annoying and obvously a major slow-down in seeing what’s new.

Anyone else seeing this?  I had a quick browse of App Store reviews but did not see this mentioned. 

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iPad App Store – First Impressions

iPad App Store staff favorites

The iPad App Store went live this afternoon. Or, more accurately, iPad apps are now live on the App Store.  There’s no separate app store for iPad apps as far as I can see so far.

After all these weeks of anticipation and app developers having to be cagey about plans and dates for iPad app releases, it is great to see a large number of major apps ready with custom iPad versions – including lots of familiar icons for some iPhone favorites.

I’ve spent a fair while nosing around the App Store and checking out the new iPad apps, and I’ve got some quick first impressions on how things look, on which notable apps are in there, and on iPad apps pricing.

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Oh, Lots More iPad Apps & App Store Preview Shots at BGR

iPad App Store

Man, BGR always seems to have some amazing insider sources.  They’ve got a huge gallery of screenshots of upcoming iPad apps and the iPad App Store itself.  The BGR guys say the shots look ‘absolutely delicious‘ and I wouldn’t argue with that.

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