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Wired Magazine iPad Edition Now Offers Subscriptions


Wired Magazine for iPad – one of the first big mainstream titles to bring out an iPad version last year – now offers subscription plans for its iPad edition. Wired has been one of the better selling iPad magazine titles even before subscription plans were available, so this news should make a lot of Wired fans happy.

There’s great news for Wired print subscribers:

And if you’re already aWired print subscriber, it won’t cost you a penny. … Our model is “subscribe once, read anywhere, anytime.” At the moment, that means print and iPad.

The subscription pricing for the iPad edition looks good too, with a year’s subscription priced at $19.99 and a monthly subscription at $1.99. The normal single-issue price is $3.99, so even the one month (auto renewing commitment that can be canceled) is a 50% saving on the standard issue price.

More good news mentioned in the Wired blog post on the new subscription plans is that they are working hard on reducing issue file sizes, and have already managed to reduce them by 25%. June’s issue weighs in at 288MB.

I did a review of Wired Magazine for iPad last June and it has been one of my favorite iPad magazine titles ever since. So I’m delighted to see its subscription plans go live today, and I’ve already subscribed.

Those of you who are Wired print or iPad readers, what do you think of these new subscription plans?

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May Issue of Wired Magazine for iPad Is Free

Wired Magazine for iPad

Wired Magazine for iPad is one of my favorite iPad magazines. It has always struck me as one of the iPad titles that is doing the most with the new tablet medium.

If you’ve been thinking of taking a look at Wired on the iPad but were put off by the per issue cost, then you’re going to love the May issue – which is free, available for zero dollars and such.

Here’s some of the content on offer in the free May issue:

The Humor Issue. Andy Samberg talks to Chris Hardwick about web comedy, and how the internet is saving comedy. Plus, we break down the grand unified theory of what makes a joke funny. We take a look at hot startup Quora and ask whether it really has all the answers, and vist Chernobyl 25 years later to see if local animals are thriving—or dying. It’s the WIRED vision of how technology is changing the world, and it features exclusive content available only on the iPad.
May exclusive iPad content:
• Demetri Martin graphs internet comedy.
• Take an interactive look at America’s Funniest Home Videos.
• Hear why TV sound makes you crazy.
Also from the May issue:
• How Android beat the iPhone.
• The injectable vasectomy that could change birth control.
• In our Play section, a close-up look at acts of vengeance.

Lots of cool content there – a great month to get to know Wired on the iPad. Here’s an App Store link for Wired Magazine; issues are normally priced at $3.99.

News Via: Macgasm

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Wired Magazine for iPad Updated, New September Issue Available


Wired Magazine for iPad has had an update today, to Version 1.3.  This update offers some bug fixes and performance enhancements, but more importantly the new September issue is now available for download.

Like many others, I find the $3.99 per issue price way too high, but honestly Wired Magazine is by far and away my favorite iPad magazine thus far.  I think it is the best example of a leading print title really embracing what you can do on the iPad, and though I haven’t purchased every issue so far, I happily bought and downloaded the September issue today.

What are your thoughts on Wired’s iPad edition and some of the other leading magazines and newspapers that have come to the iPad?   Which are some of your favorites?

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Wired Magazine for iPad – July Issue Now Out, Costs a Dollar Less

Wired for iPad Issue 2

Wired Magazine for iPad has had an update, to Version 1.1.  This latest version is now a free app for those newly acquiring it, and a free update for those of us who purchased the original app / June issue.

The app itself is free, and now offers in-app purchase for current and back issues of the Wired Magazine iPad edition.  If you had already purchased the June issue it shows up as a free download in the new version of the app. 

The price tag for the July issue has been dropped by a dollar, to $3.99.  Still missing is a subscription option for the iPad / digital version of the magazine. 

I’ve updated the app and purchased the new issue, but haven’t had a chance to browse it at all as yet.  The app took quite a while to download – it was stuck at ‘Waiting’ stage for several minutes, I assume due to heavy traffic given the popularity of the first issue.  Once it got past the waiting stage the actual download was quite quick, as was the July issue which weighs in at 337MB.

Wired is the best magazine title I’ve seen so far on the iPad, the one that best embraces what the iPad can do.  You can check out my review of it here: http://ipadinsight.com/ipad-app-reviews/review-wired-magazine-for-ipad/

And you can find the latest version of Wired Magazine for iPad in the App Store now.

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Review: Wired Magazine for iPad

Wired Magazine for iPad

Wired Magazine for iPad has been one of the most eagerly-awaited apps for the iPad, and it hit the App Store last week.  I’ve been looking forward to Wired’s digital edition ever since we first started seeing sneak peeks of it, and I grabbed a copy of it as soon as I saw it hit the App Store.

So … after all the anticipation, I’ve spent nearly a week now browsing and reading this first iPad edition of Wired, and of course I’ve got some thoughts on it to share …

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Wired Sells 24,000 Copies of Their iPad App in 24 Hours

Wired Magazine iPad app

Wired magazine sold 24,000 copies of its iPad app in the first 24 hours it was available in Apple’s iTunes store, company executives said. The app was released shortly after midnight Tuesday.

Yowza.  24,000 in one day seems huge – especially for a non-game app.  Just for context, Wired magazine sells around 82,000 copies on newsstands every month and has about 672,000 subscribers.  If the iPad edition continued at this pace for a month (which seems highly unlikely) that would be 720,000 copies sold. 

Even if the pace of sales slacks off by a lot after its launch day, that one day should have netted around $83,000 after Apple’s cut if I did my math right.  Not bad for just Day 1, and with a hefty per-issue price tag.

I doubt that readers will be happy paying $4.99 for every individual issue, so hopefully Wired’s promised new range of subscription options will see the light of day soon.

Look out for my review of Wired’s iPad edition very soon.

Via: Wired.com

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Wired Magazine iPad Edition Is Out Now

Wired Magazine for iPad

The iPad edition of Wired Magazine has hit the App Store.

This is one of the most anticipated apps for the iPad.  It’s the ultimate science and tech magazine finally in a truly digital form – soon to be available ‘for nearly all other tablets’, and available right now for the iPad.

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