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ZAGGmate with Keyboard for iPad Contest – Winner


Wow. Lots of you guys and gals are keen on the ZAGGmate. We had lots of great response on Twitter. Thanks to all of you for taking part.

Our lucky winner is:


He and I have already traded Twitter DMs and I’ll be shipping the ZAGGmate off to him before the end of the week.

I’ve got another great contest starting later today, and a gorgeous case for the original iPad to giveaway next week – so stay tuned and all that.

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Zaggmate iPad Case + Keyboard Combo Now Available to Pre-order


The Zaggmate (with keyboard) is the first iPad case + keyboard combo that actually looks good to me. Very good in fact. And as of today it’s available for pre-order – priced at $99.99 with keyboard (or $69.99 without) and with an expected ship date of ‘on or before December 13th’.

All the other case + keyboard combo accessories I’ve seen have looked a bit clumsy and cumbersome for using the iPad when you don’t want or need the keyboard component. This one just looks much better to me in that respect. Oh, and I’ve put my money where my keyboard is on that thought – I just placed my pre-order.

For more details or to get your pre-order going, go to the Zaggmate page here:


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