Testing a Few iPad 2 Accessories with the New iPad

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New iPad in Encore Stand

While I’ve been on the lookout for new cases and other interesting accessories for the new iPad, I’ve also been testing out whether any of my iPad 2 (and older) accessories may still work with the 2012 iPad.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve found, with the obvious disclaimer that I’m not certifying that any of these products are definitely or officially compatible with the new iPad, for that you’ll need to check details with each manufacturer. 

Flowfold iPad Sleeve: This is my favorite iPad 2 sleeve and a very eco-friendly one made here in the USA. The new iPad fits great into this one, even with the Apple Smart Cover on.

Portenzo Compostion case: Another very cool iPad case, styled to look just like an old school composition book. The new fits well in this one.

SGP Griff Back Cover: The new iPad fits fine.

mophie Workbook case: New iPad works fine with this one. The camera hole may not be spot-on centered, but with a folio style case like this how often are you taking photos while the iPad is in it?

Case-mate iPad 2 Esquire keyboard case: Works fine, again the camera hole is a little less than perfect.

GorillaMobile Ori iPad 2 case: New iPad doesn’t quite fit, would require forcing it in, which of course is a no-go.

Twelve South HoverBar Adjustable Arm mount for iPad 2: The new iPad fits into the display clip of the HoverBar, but very tightly. I spoke to Twelve South about this one and they state that it’s not officially compatible with the new iPad. They will be offering a new display clip sometime in the next few months to work with the 2012 iPad.

Just Mobile Encore iPad stand: Works just fine with or without an Apple Smart Cover on the new iPad. 

Just Mobile Upstand for iPad: Also works just fine with/ without smart cover.

And of course the Apple Smart Covers work beautifully with the new iPad.

That’s about it for some of the iPad accessories I’ve got in the house. For those of you who’ve bought the new iPad, please share in the comments if you’ve tried out any older accessories with your 2012 iPad.

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3 thoughts on “Testing a Few iPad 2 Accessories with the New iPad”

  1. I’ve just purchased a Belkin Snap Shield and even though it had a sticker stating it “Fits New iPad”, it is a VERY snug fit. It’s been on for 6 days and I’m beginning to see hairline fractures in the plastic at the corners. I feel a trip back to the store may be in order.

  2. Just bought the “splash SAFARI folio case with stand”. It fits very nicely, ports and all, BUT the camera hole is way off. I will be drilling out a bigger hole, because the case is otherwise great. I hope the case makers will stop pushing their iPad 2 cases off as compatible if they haven’t even tried them out properly.

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